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Bored in Cuenca? Try One of These Six Sporting Adventures

While Cuenca is a city that is known by tourists for its friendly locals, cultural history and large tourist spaces such as Parque Calderon, it...

Exploring Cuenca’s History; The Route Of The Museums

Visiting a museum is much more than walking around an informative space about culture and history. It is about getting closer in a vivid way...

Cuenca’s French Route: A Story To Be Told

Every big passion in history has elements in common which allow them to deeply touch those who learn about them: love, beauty, enthusiasm devotion. Like...

Cuenca’s French Route: A Testimony Of France’s Legacy In Cuenca

The French Route offers the possibility to explore, in an easy walk of only three hours, places that show a fascinating facet of Cuenca: that...

Holy Thursday In Cuenca & The Story Behind The Tour Of The 7 Churches

Holy Thursday is a day of great importance among Christians in Cuenca. It is a day of popular devotion, in which men, women and children...

Discovering Cuenca: The Route Of Mills & Bakeries

Culinary Cultural Heritage According to the UNESCO Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, adopted in Paris in 2003, intangible cultural heritage refers to uses, representation,...

Cuenca; The City of Devotion

The commemoration of the Holy Week is the central celebration of the Christian liturgical calendar, which awakens the greatest devotion and respect in Cuenca and...

Getting To Know The Culture: A Brief History of Carnaval

The Carnaval And Its Origins It has been said that the earliest origins of Carnaval are found in ancient Sumer and Egypt, where over 5,000...

The Amazing House Of Marco Pesantez: Rococo Magic In Cuenca

Behind closed doors in Cuenca, many surprises can be found that both delight and surprise those who visit and those who call Cuenca home. Places...

17 Plazas & Parks With Free WiFi In Cuenca

Did you know that the city of Cuenca provides 17 different locations around the city with free WiFi from 8 am to 8pm? Discover the  location...

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