Discover Events in Cuenca

Pachamama Art Exhibit at IdiomArt

Let’s Return to the Body

Basket Weaving at Casa Huizhil

Aluminum Brass Brass Embossing Workshop at Centro Cultural Municipal Los Sauces

Tennis at the Coliseo

Trivia at Common Grounds

Bilingual Bingo @ Common Grounds

Creative Weaving at Av Ordoñez Lasso

Wes the Mentalist….I know what you’re thinking

Philadelphia at La Guarida

Open mic and live music show at Common Grounds

Art Exhibition Diego Buitron at Gallery of the City Hall

Friday Night Karaoke at Common Grounds

Juan Estrella at ACT to Support Hearts of Gold

Road Trip to Oña at IdiomART

Texas BBQ at Rancho San Juan

Breath Workshop Level 1 – Practical Tools for a Better Life

Hummingbird workshop in recycled aluminum at Centro Cultural Municipal Los Eucaliptos

Rag doll making workshop at Centro Cultural Municipal Chaguarchimbana

Hearts of Gold Garage Sale

Spanish Conversation Club at Chicanos Taqueria

Pig at La Guarida

Symphonic-Choral Tetralogy of Rock at Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz

Expo Cuenca at Centro de Convenciones Mall del Río

The Beatles at Teatro Pumapungo

Montaner at Estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar

Yin & Yang Workshop – For a Life in Balance Practical Tips & Tricks…

Runcan Trail Running Canine at Llacao

The Mode Tribute to Depeche Mode at Teatro Pumapungo

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