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Our refund policy for discount cards operates on an ‘exceptional circumstances’ only model and is at the absolute discretion of YapaTree.

We’ve had several instances where customers purchase our discount card, redeem deals with our partners and then ask for a refund. This policy protects us against these bad actors.

What are considered ‘exceptional circumstances’?

We’ve provided the following example as one which MAY qualify as exceptional circumstances.

  • You need to leave Ecuador within 24 hours of purchasing the YapaTree Discount Card because of an emergency situation

Returning of YapaTree Discount Card

You’ll need to return your YapaTree Discount Card to us, at your expense, before any refund is issued. We have several locations in Cuenca you can return the card to. We’ll provide these options to you once we’ve confirmed your circumstances are eligible for a refund.

How we process refunds

If you’ve purchased your card online, we’ll attempt to issue a refund through the same payment method. If we cannot use this method, then we’ll contact you to arrange the next best option.

If you’ve purchased your card in-store via one of our card partners, we’ll confirm the most convenient option for both parties before processing the refund.


Please direct any questions regarding this policy to [email protected].

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