The Amazing House Of Marco Pesantez: Rococo Magic In Cuenca

Behind closed doors in Cuenca, many surprises can be found that both delight and surprise those who visit and those who call Cuenca home. Places that go completely unnoticed by their apparent simplicity often contain magical spaces, capable of transporting those who enter into a different world. This is the case of the residence of Dr. Marco Pesantez, a dentist by profession, who has dedicated much of his life to making his home, a true fairy tale.

From a very young age, Marco stood out for his skill in drawing and painting, which led him to win prizes throughout his time at school and university.  Marco identified with Rococo art for the elegance and luxury that characterize it. He says that the inspiration to start building what is now his home came to him in definitive form when he first saw photos of the Palace of Versailles. It was then that he decided to make the place that would be his home, a different and special space.

It is amazing to know that everything started from almost zero. The floor where Marco now resides with his wife, was a terrace in which for a period of three years, he adapted into an apartment with wood and other materials. Once finished the basic structure, he began a meticulous process of decoration that has lasted more than 35 years. Today the result, simply takes the breath away from all who discover it. There is no corner that is not carefully decorated and what is most surprising is that absolutely everything has been handmade by Marco. The ceilings are covered with embossed ornaments with gold thread while the walls feature fantastic carvings in wood with background mirrors. The floor is equally spectacular and is covered entirely by elegant designs that prove to be the perfect base for all the elements that are found everywhere: fascinating miniature castles, fine oil paintings and small sculptures of plasticine with a bronze finish.

The dazzling effect of this space is the result of having perfectly combined well thought out lighting and decor that seems to have come out of a fantasy story. The notes of classical music that accompanies Marco always contribute to magnify this effect. It explains such prolixity, when knowing the fact that besides being an artist, Marco is a dentist, so every detail in his home has been elaborated with the neatness that only a professional orthodontic can have. For this he has used tools such as slippers, spatulas and polishers, to name a few.  He tells us that his free time is dedicated completely to work on his art. In fact, he does not conceive of life without his art, which in his view is what gives meaning to everything and is the key to the success of any company or project.

The address of Dr. Marco Pesantez is one of those places that can hardly be forgotten by those who visit it. The doors are open for those who want to experience it, as long as it is with groups of more than five people. For this, an appointment must be made in advance in which the price of the visit will be agreed. The contact numbers are: 593-099 928 0918 and 593-07 283 0843.

Text: Felipe Cardoso

Photos: Vasil Kamalov www.watermelontrip.com

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