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Bored in Cuenca? Try One of These Six Sporting Adventures

While Cuenca is a city that is known by tourists for its friendly locals, cultural history and large tourist spaces such as Parque Calderon, it is also a city that encourages the passion of sport.

Read on to discover some fantastic sports and activity options that can be enjoyed in this beautiful city.



Traverse the Andes on horseback, with the help of experienced guides, and enjoy the peace and quiet of forests, rivers and lagoons.

You can explore the Cajas National Park (33 km south of the city, about 30 minutes by car), or follow various routes in Tarqui (15 km south of Cuenca).

Be aware that Cuenca’s climate can be cold; dress appropriately. If you are riding to a higher elevation, it is advised that you wear a thermal coat, wool pants, hiking boots, a hat and gloves.


canopyIn this activity, adventurers zip along a wire rope from one point to another, using a waist harness and a pulley, accompanied by a guide. The views from these heights are often spectacular.

The “Canopy” zipline tour is found in sector Bibin, in the parish of Ricaurte, about 20 minutes from Cuenca. You can get there by the Ricaurte-Bibin route, or go through sector Ochoa Leon.


There are more than 15 sport-fishing businesses in the Cajas National Park, which boasts more than 235 lagoons. The fish is mostly lake trout, which is a local specialty.

You can get there by catching a bus to Guayaquil that passes through the park. These buses usually depart hourly from Cuenca, from7 a.m. until 5 p.m.


canyoningCanyoning is an activity that involves descents through the channels of rivers, lakes and ravines of the city.

The best place for this in Cuenca is the Yellow River, which can be accessed via Ordóñez Lasso. It is accessible by public transit.

To acquire all the necessary clothing for this activity, including a helmet, ropes and appropriate clothing, it is best that you contact a tour operator in the city.


There are eight outdoor rock climbing sites near Cuenca. The best of these are Cojitambo, Cajas National Park and Benavides.


There are many cycling routes throughout Cuenca and several major avenues have bike lanes. Sunday mornings at the Centennial Bridge (8 a.m.), you can go on a free bicycle tour.

For more information on these and other sports, contact a local tour operator.

To read more from our friends at The Foundation of Tourism Cuenca click here.

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