Mother & Son Family Kitchen New Yapatree Deal

Mother & Son Family Kitchen – New Deal

Mother and Son Kitchen specializes in serving fresh Asian dishes. They also provide affordable meal plans delivered to your home. It’s a mother and son culinary partnership that began in the Philippines. Debby (Mom), moved to Cuenca nine years ago, and James moved 3 years later.

Large variety of Asian Food

Mother & Son Family Kitchen Asian Food

Pleasing everyone’s taste buds isn’t always easy. But, you won’t have this problem at Mother & Son Kitchen as they serve a wide variety of Asian dishes. Some of the cuisines they feature include:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese &
  • Filipino

Types of Asian food available

The menu at Mother & Son is kept fresh. They are constantly updating their offerings, but they also play to their strengths by keeping some of their very popular dishes on regular rotation.

For example, you may find some iconic dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken, Pho Ga (chicken soup) from Vietnam or Pad Thai from Thailand mixed in with some more subtle favorites such as Filipino egg rolls.

Affordable meal plans available

Mother & Son Family Kitchen Meal Plans

Finding it’s too time consuming or just difficult to do all your cooking at home? Try one of their healthy and affordable meal plans. These aren’t your standard greasy take-away meals. These are quality meals with an emphasis on healthy eating.

We don’t think you’re able to find a more eclectic meal plan in Cuenca. These meal plans also include popular Asian dishes, but they also branch out into European, Mexican and US-style dishes too. Basically, there is a very good chance you’ll find the international mix of foods that you’re used to eating. All delivered to your home in Cuenca. Amazing.

They have two types of meal plans:

  • Meat Option
  • Vegetarian

The prices vary for each option with 5 meals per week (Tue-Sat) setting you back a very reasonable $30 for the meat option and $25 for vegetarian. So, that’s either $6 or $5 per meal including free delivery to your home (limited free delivery area applies).

Considering the variety of food includes, I think you’d agree that this is darn good value. Now, of course, you’ll also receive a little something extra or ‘yapa’ by using your YapaTree card (but more on this later).

Mother and Son Family Kitchen Specials

We suggest signing up for their mailing list as this is where they release many of they weekly specials. They like to experiment with regular and one off specials which can be great for those of us that enjoy trying new & exciting dishes.

Japanese Brunches

One of these specials we suggest keeping an eye out for is their Japanese Brunches. The set menu is particularly good value considering the quality & variety of Japanese dishes.

Your YapaTree Card Deal

YapaTree cardholders are eligible to receive:

  • 10% Off All Orders

This includes 10% off their already value-laden weekly meal plans. Our bodies (& wallets) thank you Mother & Son Family Kitchen!

Where is Mother & Son Family Kitchen Located?

Mother & Son Family Kitchen is located in the same premises as The Jazz Society Cafe. This is at Los Cedros y Los Claveles 293, in the Gringolandia neighbourhood of Cuenca.

How to order?

  • Check out their Facebook page for their most recent menu
  • Order Via WhatsApp: +593 96 322 3377

Check the Mother & Son Family Kitchen Deal Page for full details.

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