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Cuenca Real Estate Closings with Xavier (Local Agent)

Have you ever wondered what happens during a real estate closing in Cuenca? Leave all of those expectations at the door, because I’m going to...

Gringos with Gratitude? 6 Reasons to be Grateful

I get it, being a gringo in a foreign land comes with its own set of challenges. When I first arrived in Ecuador, I felt...

The Dark Side of Cuenca Real Estate: A Cautionary Tale with Susan

Cuenca is a city of allure, drawing expats with its colonial charm, cultural vibrancy, and affordable living. Yet, beneath this surface lies a cautionary tale,...

Healthcare in Cuenca: An Insider’s Perspective with Dra. Maité Depreeuw

Welcome to episode 3 of the Curious Cuenca Podcast by YapaTree. Today’s guest is the wonderful Doctora Maité Depreeuw, a general practitioner originally from Belgium...

The Streets of San Miguel de Allende: A Vibrant Walking Tour

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is a visual paradise that captivates anyone who sets foot on its charming streets. Earlier this year, I had the...

Cuenca Real Estate Trip with David – Vlog 14

Good morning! Today, we’re embarking on a Cuenca real estate trip with expat-to-be, David, and his friend JJ. We’ll be visiting various neighborhoods and checking...

Cuenca Buyer’s Agent: Why you need it

Let me tell you about a message I received recently from a friend who was knee-deep in a property purchase gone awry. They were under...

San Miguel de Allende vs Cuenca – Vlog 13

In Vlog 13, I find myself in the picturesque mountain town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, drawing parallels between it and my beloved Cuenca,...

Living in the Gray Zone: Electricity and Tax Ambiguity in Ecuador

As I sit here in the dim glow of my laptop’s screen, typing away in the darkness, I’m reminded once again of the unique challenges...

Joining the Theatre – Curious Cuenca Podcast Ep 2

Welcome to another episode of the Curious Cuenca Podcast, where we dive into the lives of interesting individuals shaping the cultural landscape of Cuenca, Ecuador....

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