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In Bed & Bath – Custom Duvet Covers, Sheets + More

We are so excited to welcome our newest partner to the YapaTree discount card program, In Bed & Bath.

In Bed & Bath is one of those absolute gems that once you stumble across them, you become an instant lifelong customer. I know we were converted after our 1st visit.

But, perhaps we are most excited about this new partnership because it addresses one of the main questions for new arrivals – do we bring bedsheets & covers with us or buy them in Ecuador?

In Bed & Bath provide a very good local option that somehow manages to change what I generally consider a boring purchase into a genuinely enjoyable, personalized shopping experience.

Duvet Cover Sheets Mat
Duvet cover, sheets, pillow & rug we previously purchased from In Bed & Bath.

Why Shop at In Bed & Bath

I’ll let you in on a secret. I hate shopping. This might sound strange coming from an owner of a discount card program that partners with many shops.

I generally find the whole shopping process tedious and quite frankly, annoying. It’s generally cold, impersonal and the quest for more ‘stuff’ has never been fulfilling to me.

But, when Michelle tells me it’s time to buy another duvet, sheets, or cover, I feel my insides dance a little bit because I know we’re heading for another trip to In Bed & Bath. Yay!

Custom sheets + other bedroom products

In Bed & Bath Cuenca
This showroom is just a delightful place to shop

The main attraction for us is the customization process. They’ll walk you through the selection process where you explore each of the main variables; size, material quality & design.

The team is very knowledgeable and the main salesperson speaks fluent English to make the whole process silky smooth for even the freshest of arrivals.

Made in-house (on site)

In Bed & Bath Worker
A seamstress working on a custom blanket

They manufacture all of their products in-house in their beautiful patrimonial-style premises. You can take a sneak peek at their back room that is filled with sewing machines, materials, and workers.

The layout of the production facilities is well designed and you walk away with a feeling that the workers are treated well. I certainly don’t get any sweatshop-type vibes which is normally my main concern when getting products custom-made in countries with relatively weak labor laws.


Workers assembling our custom king bed
Workers assembling our custom made king bed

One of the quirks about living in Ecuador is that I’ve had to reset some of my expectations around prices. Especially when it comes to custom-made vs store-bought products.

We’ve been trained to accept that economies of scale lead to favorable pricing for consumers.

For example, I see the word ‘custom-made’ and my mind automatically translates this to; “sounds awesome, but I bet it will cost twice the price as an off-the-shelf product”.

But, in Ecuador, I often find that I have to reverse this assumption. For example, we had our king-sized bed custom made and it cost us less than half of what we would have paid in a normal retail furniture shop. This is thanks largely to Ecuador’s long, proud history as artisans, makers, and repairers.

All this to say that you shouldn’t automatically assume that custom-made equals a higher price in Cuenca. And, this is certainly the case with In Bed & Bath’s prices as they are very reasonable. Made even more so with their deal for YapaTree cardholders which we’ll get to shortly.

But, some expats should still pack their sheets with them

In Bed & Bath Choosing Material
Choosing from a wide variety of fabrics at In Bed & Bath

As much as we love In Bed & Bath, we don’t feel it’s the right choice for every single expat moving to Ecuador. In particular, if you have very specific fiber requirements such as organic bamboo, then you are still better off buying these on Amazon (or wherever) and bringing these with you.

The reality is that some of these specialty products are just not available in Ecuador.

But, for everyone else, we certainly recommend at least contacting In Bed & Bath beforehand so they can run through their options and you can start comparing apples with apples.

What Products Are Available at In Bed & Bath

In Bed & Bath Product Range
More than just sheets and duvet covers

In Bed & Bath manufacturer most of your linen needs, including;

  • Blankets
  • Down comforters
  • Duvets
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Towels and more

You can also further personalize these with embroideries such as your name or initials.

In Bed & Bath’s YapaTree Card Offer

They’ve come out of the gate swinging with 2 very fine offers for YapaTree cardholders:

1. First time only offer of a free designer laundry bag with purchases over $100.

YapaTree Card Offer Free Laundry Bag

Whilst they call it a laundry bag, this luxurious over-the-shoulder holder wouldn’t be out of place at the beach or even for whipping down to the corner store.

2. 10% discount for returning customers

Great for grabbing extra duvets, blankets, and comforters for those less-than-balmy nights in Cuenca. With the 10% discount, you can now treat yourself to a slightly higher quality material or just pocket the savings. Your choice.

The Fine Print

  • Offers cannot be combined.

Where to Find In Bed & Bath

You can find In Bed & Bath just off Solano (opposite side to the stadium). Clicking on the map below will take you to their location on Google Maps.

In Bed & Back Cuenca Location
Click image for In Bed & Bath’s location on Google Maps

Contact Details

Address: Remigio Tamariz Crespo 1-85, Cuenca

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +593 98 723 5667

Final Words

We’re super happy to have In Bed & Bath as part of our discount card program. Getting a sweet deal on such important, everyday products should ensure this offer gets a warm welcome by the YapaTree community.

Go and try this offer today. I promise you’ll be grateful once you’ve had a brilliant night’s sleep in your new linens. Just be warned, you may never buy off-the-shelf linens ever again.

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      FYI – we’re currently creating Deal Pages for each of the partners. These pages contain all of the information relevant to each deal. We’ll be launching these over the next 2 weeks.

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