Tutupali Land Viewing Vlog 6

Exploring Tutupali – A Unique Land Viewing Experience

Hey, I’m Jason, and I’m excited to take you along on a client viewing for land in the serene Tutupali near Tarqui. Join me as we delve into the neighborhood and gain insights into the nuances of buying land in Cuenca.

Introducing Caty and Marco

Meet Caty, one of the dedicated agents we collaborate with, and Marco, the owner of the land we’re exploring today. As we navigate through Tutupali, I’ll share essential tips for potential land buyers in Cuenca.

YapaTree’s Approach to Land Listings

At YapaTree, our focus has traditionally been on houses and apartments rather than land. Why? The demand for land among expats is comparatively lower, and the unique challenges of manual searching and complex due diligence make it a less preferred option for many.

Challenges of Selling Land in Cuenca

  1. Manual Searching: Unlike houses, finding available land is a manual process, requiring time and effort to locate suitable listings.
  2. Due Diligence Complexity: Due diligence for land involves navigating through unique challenges. Issues like multiple landowners and relaxed regulations in rural areas can complicate the process.

Buyer’s Agent Service – A Unique Offering

For those interested in our buyer’s agent service for land, we may request a retainer fee. This fee helps cover the time and effort our team invests in searching for suitable listings. If you decide to purchase through us, rest assured, we deduct the retainer from the commission.

Exploring a Tutupali Property – Factors Affecting Land Prices

We check out a property in Tutupali, emphasizing the importance of usable and semi-flat land in determining the price per square meter. The terrain significantly influences land values in the Sierra region.

Two Types of Expats Buying Land

  1. Full Commitment: Some expats seek a complete change, opting for land to build a home, buy a car, and fully embrace life in Ecuador.
  2. Simpler Lifestyle: Others desire a simpler lifestyle without committing to a car. They look for affordable land near essential amenities like bus stops and local shops.

Positive Client Viewing Experience in Tutupali

Today’s viewing went well with two sets of clients showing interest in 9,000 square meters each. While it’s early days, the prospects look promising, and Tutupali’s countryside offers a refreshing break from the hustle. View the property listing here.

Inviting Inquiries for Land, Apartments, or Houses

If you’re in the market for land, apartments, or houses in Cuenca or its surroundings, feel free to reach out. I’m here to assist you. Contact me at [email protected].

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Tutupali presents a unique opportunity to shape your living experience in the tranquil beauty of Ecuador. Whether you’re considering land, apartments, or houses, YapaTree is here to guide you. Get in touch, and let’s embark on this journey together. Ciao!

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