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Juan Marcet has come back onto our discount card program with a tempting offer that I’m sure 99% percent of our cardholders will find very useful.

This offer applies to all the artists, students, parents, office workers, and hobbyists out there. With such a large cross-section of the Cuenca expat community covered, we are very excited to have Juan Marcet back in our program.

Why shop at Juan Marcet?

Juan Marcet is the default choice for quality art and office supplies in Ecuador. They are the closest equivalent to an Office Depot or Officeworks (for any Australians out there). They stock lots of products that can be difficult to find in other stores and this is where you’ll most likely find the higher quality brands you may be familiar with.

This may be a little embarrassing to admit, but shopping at Juan Marcet is one of the few shops in Ecuador that I genuinely enjoy shopping at. That feeling of endless creative possibilities as you walk down the aisle past paints, stationery and other tools for the imagination.

Plus, I’ve always appreciated the sense of order in a well-managed office supply store where I can visualize the products in a browsing capacity first. I love supporting my smaller, local papelerias as well, but because they generally don’t have a lot of space, you have to tell them exactly what you need. This requires you to overcome the language barrier and is very transactional. There’s no room for discovering that new brand of paints or any real choice between similar products.

What products are available at Juan Marcet?

Juan Marcet’s range of product categories

Juan Marcet stocks products across the following core categories:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Office
  • School Supplies
  • Technology
  • Gifts & Novelties

We’ve also included their November 2021 catalog below so you can get an idea of their current promotions and product range.

GringoTree Card Offer

GringoTree cardholders are eligible for a 10% discount storewide with one main exception, technology.

Juan Marcet’s margins on technology are already very thin, so we can’t stretch these further with additional discounts.

Some additional benefits for cardholders include:

  • Assisted ordering via WhatsApp
  • Free delivery on orders over $20

Other offer conditions

  • Valid for cash payments only
  • Minimum spend of $25
  • Not valid for technology or confectionary items

Where to find Juan Marcet

This offer is available at all Juan Marcet store locations throughout Ecuador. They have stores in 7 key cities, including Cuenca, Manta, Quito & Guayaquil.

The Cuenca location is just across the river from Plaza Otorongo.

Click image for Juan Marcet on Google Maps

November 2021 Catalog

Not sure about you, but we go through art and craft supplies like crazy during this time of the year. All of the little Christmas projects our family creates and school going back to full-time means we’re visiting Juan Marcet a bunch.

We’ve included the November catalog below, but you can also download it.

Final Words

We’re thrilled to have Juan Marcet back on our discount card program. They are such a convenient option for our core everyday office, art & school supply purchases.

We know this will quickly become one of the most popular offers on our card program.

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