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Finding Your Perfect Massage in Cuenca

If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate in Cuenca, a massage might be just what you need. Not only is massage an enjoyable way to unwind, it also has a host of health benefits, including reducing stress, improving circulation, and alleviating pain and muscle tension. But with so many different types of massage available and so many places to get one, it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the different options for getting a quality massage in Cuenca, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

We’ve included a round-up of 8 different massage therapists that have years of experience working with expats in Cuenca. We encourage you to try several different massage therapists before settling on any one for long-term treatment.

And it is worth noting that professional massage is generally half or less the price of comparable services in the U.S. So, many expats can afford to enjoy treatment more often. 

Massage Therapists in Cuenca – Summary

Therapist NameMassage Techniques IncludeWhatsappLocation
Mery Eugenia Cobos NovilloAnti-stress, Sports, Therapeutic, Lymphatic drainage+593984168738Northeast of el Centro
Cameron KayceNeuromuscular+593999874417La Cuadra,
Mariscal Lamar 25-15 y Caspicara
Alejandra MaldonadoSwedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Hot stone massage, Lymphatic drainage, Mixed+593991015477El Vergel. Paucarbamba 3-61 & Los Fresnos
Dora QuincheDeep tissue, Swedish & Relaxing+5930999879713Cuenca
Roosvelt Javier Rojas BravoDeep tissue, Sport, Cranial sacral, Touch therapy & Thai+593981626813Zona Rosa. Jose Astudillo Regalado y Eduardo Crespo Malo
Elsa RojasDeep tissue, Sports, Trigger point, Lymphatic drainage, Cranial sacral therapy & Relaxation
+593981774961In-home only
Annie SchinskyCompression, Percussion, Friction, Light touch, Kneading+593984260054El Vergel. Cornelio Merchán y José Peralta
María Delia Ugalde JervesSwedish, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep tissue+593992555375Near Jardin Botanico. Hernán Malo s/n y autopista esquina.

Types of massage available in Cuenca


One of the most popular types of massage is Swedish massage, which involves long, flowing strokes to relax the entire body. This type of massage is great for people who are looking to reduce stress and tension, and it’s particularly good for those who are new to massage. Swedish massage can also be a great option for people who are looking for a gentle, relaxing massage.

Deep Tissue

Another popular type of massage is deep tissue massage, which is used to target deeper layers of muscle tissue. This type of massage can be a little more intense than Swedish massage, but it can be very effective in reducing pain and muscle tension. It’s especially good for people who suffer from chronic pain or have specific areas of muscle tension. One observation is that this type of massage seems to be favored by expats though not all massage therapists here offer it because it is not as popular among Ecuadorians. However, many of the therapists listed in this article have experience with expats and offer this style of massage.

Hot Stone

For those looking for a truly indulgent experience, hot stone massage might be the perfect option. Smooth, heated stones are placed on the skin to help relax muscles and increase circulation. The heat from the stones can be incredibly soothing, and the massage therapist may also use the stones as a massage tool to enhance the massage experience.

In addition to the above types of massages, Cuenca also offers other types of massages that focus on specific needs such as sports massage and prenatal massage.

Where to get a massage in Cuenca?

Spas & Wellness Centers

One option is a spa or wellness center. Cuenca offers several top-notch spa and wellness centers that offer a wide range of services and amenities. You can expect to find things like saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, in addition to massages. These include some of the spas in Banos like Piedra de Agua and Hosteria Duran that also offer hot mineral pools. These centers may offer a variety of different types of massages, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Prices at spa and wellness centers can vary, but generally speaking, they tend to be on the higher end of the scale.

Massage Therapist

Another option is to book an appointment with an independent massage therapist. Cuenca is home to many highly skilled massage therapists who offer their services on a one-on-one basis. We’ve included some of these in our list below. These therapists often have specific areas of expertise, such as deep tissue massage or prenatal massage, so be sure to ask about their specialties when you make your appointment. Prices for independent massage therapists can also vary, but they tend to be more affordable than spa and wellness center prices.

At Home

Finally, there is the option of getting a massage in the comfort of your own home. At-home massage services can be a great option for people who are unable to leave their house or prefer to avoid the spa environment. Keep in mind that prices for at-home massages may be higher than those at spa and wellness centers, but they can still be of great value when compared to independent massage therapists.

When deciding on a massage therapist, it’s also a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends or to do a little research online. An easy starting point is to search for reviews in Cuenca’s expat media using the name of the therapists and ask for any certifications or credentials.

Ultimately, the key to choosing the right massage is to think about your own needs and preferences and to do a little digging.

Next up, we’ve included profiles of some therapists with whom I have had personal experience and others who were referred to me by expats that receive regular massages here.

Therapist Profiles

Mery Eugenia Cobos Novillo

Mery Eugenia Cobos Novillo

Meet Mery Eugenia Cobos Novillo, a professional massage therapist who has been providing massage therapy services since 2006. With over 15 years of experience, Mery offers a wide range of massage techniques to help her clients achieve total body health through healing, harmony, and balance. Her massage services include but are not limited to Swedish, Shiatsu, anti-stress, sports, therapeutic, and lymphatic drainage massages.

Mery has a private home healing space where she provides her services, but she doesn’t offer massages at the client’s home. She has specialized in providing massage therapy to expats in Ecuador since 2010. She can provide 2 or 3 expat references upon request.

Mery’s philosophy on total body health as it relates to massage is to achieve holistic treatment, relief from anxiety, depression, stress-triggered illnesses with excellent results. Besides massage, she also offers other products and services like Reiki, scientific aromatherapy, crystal healing, osteopathy, cranial sacral, access bars, among others. Her services are completely personalized with previous appointments with an approximate time of 2 hours per patient.

Contact Mery

Mery’s facility is located in the Northeast of el Centro in Cuenca.

Cameron Kayce

Cameron Kayce

Cameron Kayce is a professional massage therapist who has practiced for many years in Cuenca and is an expat favorite. She offers deep tissue neuromuscular massage and Astrology readings. She operates out of her own home studio and does not offer massage services in the client’s home. She has been providing massage therapy services since 1986 and to expats in Ecuador since 2009. She is willing to provide references upon request. Her philosophy on total body health is that the body knows how to heal itself but sometimes it needs help. She offers complimentary deep relaxation for healing hypnotic suggestions if requested.

Contact Cameron

Cameron’s facility is located in La Cuadra neighborhood, Mariscal Lamar 25-15 y Caspicara, across from Parque Del Molinero. 

Alejandra Maldonado

Alejandra Maldonado

Alejandra Maldonado is a professional massage therapist and licensed cosmetologist with over 8 years of experience in the industry. She began her practice in 2013 starting at an exclusive spa in Guayaquil and has been providing massage in her own practice to Cuenca expats since 2019. Alejandra specializes in a variety of massage techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and massage with mixed techniques. Her philosophy on total body health as it relates to massage is that it is an integral part of healthcare and should be offered alongside standard treatment for medical conditions and a healthier lifestyle.

She also offers skincare and beauty services such as facials. She provides her services by appointment only and offers up to 20% discount for package purchases.

Alejandra has received formal training and certification from the Escuela de Cosmetologia y Cosmiatria Esperanza Ferra Soto in Guayaquil. She has had success in treating a variety of patients using her mixed technique massages including a patient with ALS helping him with his mobility and well-being. She worked with another client with cervical rectification and muscle contracture alleviating some of his symptoms and helping him enjoy life more. She has many positive recommendations on her website.

Contact Alejandra

She works only in her own studio inside Mercy’s Peluqueria in the El Vergel neighborhood of Cuenca, located at Paucarbamba 3-61 & Los Fresnos. Check before you go for your appointment because she is moving into her own location in El Vergel soon.

Dora Quinche

Dora Quinche

Dora Quinche has been providing professional massage therapy services since 2012. She started helping expats in Ecuador the same year. She offers massages in the client’s home or hotel, so you can relax and enjoy your massage without having to leave your comfort zone. Dora has received formal training in a salon and she is experienced in many different massage techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, and relaxing massage. She particularly enjoys giving deep tissue and Swedish massages, but she is not particularly fond of relaxing massages because they don’t help relieve tense parts of the body.

Dora’s philosophy on total body health is that massage supports treatment for many health conditions and promotes total relaxation and stress relief. In addition to massage, Dora also offers Cupping Therapy as an additional service to help improve circulation and relieve muscle pain. And she can do it in English and Spanish, so no matter the language you speak, she’s got you covered.

Dora also uses coconut oil to rehydrate the skin, leaving your body silky smooth. She also likes to provide soothing and calm music to your massage to create an atmosphere of total relaxation. And her prices are very reasonable. Melanie & Ricardo Rivera enjoy her massages weekly in their home and love the convenience and ability to stay relaxed longer because of the home service.

Contact Dora

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced massage therapist in Cuenca, Dora Quiche is an excellent choice.

Rossvelt Javier Rojas Bravo

Rossvelt Javier Rojas Bravo

Roosvelt Javier Rojas Bravo, a licensed massage therapist, has been providing professional massage therapy services since 2010. He offers his services in a professional office or medical spa setting, and is also available to provide massages in clients’ homes. With over 12 years of experience working with expats, Roosvelt has built a reputation for being a knowledgeable and skilled therapist, who is dedicated to helping his clients achieve mind and heart balance through massage.

Rojas is trained in Thai massage and has studied a variety of other techniques, including Neural Therapy.  He prefers delivering an all-around good clinical massage that addresses each client’s individual needs and concerns. His philosophy on total body health and wellness is centered around the belief that massage is a helpful tool that can be directed by the client to address specific areas of discomfort or tension.

In addition to massage, Roosvelt also offers a variety of other products and services, including neural therapy and 40 other techniques, which are designed to help clients achieve optimal wellness. These include a special emphasis on Rolfing, a technique of deep tissue manipulation aimed at the release and realignment of the body, and the reduction of muscular and psychic tension.

He encourages clients to communicate openly with him about their needs and preferences, and is committed to providing a personalized, client-centered massage experience.

Contact Rossvelt

He is happy to provide references to clients who are interested in learning more about his massages and techniques. Roosvelt’s office is located in Cuenca, near Jose Astudillo Regalado and Eduardo Crespo Malo.

  • WhatsApp: +593981626813

Elsa Rojas

Elsa Rojas

Elsa Rojas is a highly skilled massage therapist and nurse who has been providing professional massage therapy and nursing services since 2010. Elsa provides her services exclusively in the comfort of clients’ homes and is willing to provide 2 or 3 expat references including those from Maya Andersen, Jary Holland Buck and Lysa Allman-Baldwin.

Elsa holds a diploma as Physical Rehabilitation and Chiromassage Assistant from Santa Elena Peninsula State University in 2019-2020 and Nursing Assistant diploma from Peninsula Santa Elena State University 2020-2021. She is trained in a variety of massage techniques, including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger point massage, Lymphatic drainage massage and Cranial sacral therapy. Elsa also specializes in Relaxation Massage. She does not have a preference for any one type of massage, but rather enjoys all types, each having its own purpose and benefits.

Elsa’s philosophy on total body health as it relates to massage is that massage therapy can improve your well-being and health by relaxing your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. As a result, levels of stress hormones are reduced, giving a chance for your immune system to heal.

Elsa’s other products and services include professional nursing services like Medication Administration, Intravenous Therapy, Home Infusion Services, Pain and Symptom Management, Chronic Disease Management, Serious Injury Care, Post Surgical Care, Rehabilitation therapies, Wound care and IV Vitamin therapy among others.

Contact Elsa

Annie Schinsky

Annie Schinsky

Meet Annie Schinsky, a massage therapist who is passionate about helping her clients feel their best. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or seeking relief from pain and stress, Annie has the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals. She knows something about expats as she is married to one and has worked with them as a medical facilitator and massage therapist for many years.

Annie has her own private home studio, where she offers a variety of massage techniques, including compression, percussion, friction, light touch, and kneading. She specializes in deep tissue massage and relaxation massage, as well as therapeutic massage, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  She also provides in-home massage services.

Annie believes that total body health is essential for enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why she’s dedicated to providing massage services that can help her clients feel their best. Her philosophy is that massage is not just a luxury, but a necessity for people to be able to live without pain and without being constantly stressed.

In addition to massage, Annie also offers some skincare and beauty services to her clients. And, as an added bonus, she offers discounts for clients who wish to pay for three massages in advance.

Contact Annie

Maria Delia Ugalde Jervies or just “Delia”

Maria Delia Ugalde Jervies

Delia is a professional massage therapist who has been providing massage services since June 2012. She operates her business out of her own home studio, and is available for home visits as well. With over 2 years of formal training at City Lit College London, María Delia speaks excellent Engish and is highly skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of massage techniques. She is trained in Swedish, reflexology, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. She is well-known in the sports community and working with many athletes who play high-impact sports.

Delia’s philosophy on total body health as it relates to massage is to promote relaxation and improve circulation, which in turn can alleviate pain and tension in the body. She is most experienced and enjoys giving Swedish and deep tissue massages, but is less fond of reflexology and shiatsu.

María Delia is available for massage appointments but should be made at least 24 hours in advance. María Delia offers only massage services.

Contact Delia

You can find María Delia near the Jardin Botanico. Hernán Malo s/n y autopista esquina.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed the overview of the different options available for getting a quality massage in Cuenca and you now have a list of therapists who come highly recommended by their clients that offer a variety of styles for you to try. 

Whether you are looking for Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Reiki, Rolfing, hot stone massage, sports massage or have a special need like prenatal massage, you will find relief in Cuenca. Yor options also include spa and wellness centers as well as in-home or in-office for maximum convenience.

Before choosing a therapist, we recommend speaking with different providers about how they will address your specific pain and health circumstances and check with friends about therapists who have delivered the kind of service you need. 

Please let us know of other providers who you think deserve attention and we may add them to the list for you and our fellow expats.

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