buying a car in quito

Buying a Car in Quito – Vlog 8

Today’s vlog takes us on a journey from Cuenca to Quito, where we set our sights on purchasing a new car. Imagine it as an episode straight out of “The Amazing Race,” we’re running around airports, have a lot of little tasks to complete, and are a little stressed as we have time pressure to be back in Cuenca to meet some real estate clients. Ready? Vamos.

The Risk and Trust Factor

Our eyes are set on a Toyota Highlander. The catch? We haven’t laid eyes on it yet. Sounds wild, but that’s where Michelle’s uncle, our car guru, comes in. A mechanic living in Quito, he’s done a thorough check and vouched for the car’s reliability. The fact that it has a solid history in Casabaca adds another layer of confidence to our decision.

Navigating Quito

Touching down in Quito, our first order of business is breakfast at El Espanol – because no adventure begins on an empty stomach. Over breakfast, Michelle and I discuss our expectations for the car. Despite not seeing it in person, we’re feeling optimistic. We opt to catch a taxi using InDrive, a unique taxi app that allows you to set the price with the driver.

Notary Hurdles

Reality hits us at the notary’s office with a surprising 2.5-hour wait. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining. We utilize this time for casual chats with the current car owner. It turns out to be more than paperwork; it’s a chance to connect on a human level. Hearing his emotional ties to the car helps ease the frustration of the long wait. 

Sealing the Deal

Finally, the notary is ready, and we’re signing away. The paperwork is complete, and we are now proud owners of a Toyota Highlander. From transfer fees to Matricula, we navigate the costs that come with Ecuadorian car-buying.

First Drives

I took the wheel for the first time, and let’s just say, there’s a little learning curve but nothing we can’t navigate through. Steering wheel mishaps aside, her excitement is contagious. The car’s power and comfort exceed our expectations, setting the stage for family adventures and more growth for our Cuenca real estate business.

Unexpected Stops

Our journey back to Cuenca isn’t without surprises. Pinguili, a town we never planned to visit, steals our attention. A historic church and the scenic landscapes add unexpected charm to our trip, showcasing the diversity Ecuador has to offer.

Challenges and Triumphs

Of course, not everything goes off without a hitch. Parking issues and automatic features throw us a curveball, but we navigate through. The kids, especially little Billy, are over the moon about the new car, making the challenges all the more worthwhile.

The Return

Exhausted but content, we roll back into Cuenca, victorious in our car-buying mission. Flying to Quito, buying a car, and driving it back to Cuenca – it’s a journey that brings highs, lows, and some silly but fun moments that make our adventure uniquely ours. Stay tuned for more tales from our life in Cuenca.

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