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A Cuencano Tradition: Colada Morada and Guaguas de Pan

Colada Morada and Guaguas de Pan have a deep history in Ecuador and other parts of South America. You’ve seen them around the city of...

How-To: Acquire Your Basic Over-the-Counter Medication Needs In Ecuador

Navigating your medical needs is always a challenge in a new country. Ecuador’s health care system allows citizens and visitors alike to receive medications at...

Thinking About A Day Trip To The Cajas? Read This First

[dropcap]Cajas[/dropcap] National Park is a MUST if you are travelling Cuenca or the southern provinces of Ecuador. For me Cajas is a mystical land full...

Ecuador Travel Tips & Cultural Considerations

The first time I came to Ecuador there were many things that caught me off guard. When a lot of people think Ecuador they think...

Understanding The 4 Phases Of Culture Shock While Living In Ecuador

So, you’ve made the big decision: you’re going to move abroad… sell your house, quit your job and carry on with heartfelt goodbyes to all...

The Best Day Trips From Cuenca, Ecuador

[dropcap]Cuenca[/dropcap] has so much to offer in its centro historico, but if you are a resident or a traveler with some extra days, you should...

Making A Real Impact: Why You Should Support Community Organizations

[dropcap]Life [/dropcap]as a nonprofit in Ecuador is a lonely one. Leaders fight day in and day out to gather resources, serve their communities, and stay...

What Not-To-Miss In Ecuador (On A Budget)

[dropcap]Ecuador[/dropcap] is called “El pais de 4 mundos” (The Country of 4 Worlds) for good reason. In just one day you can pass through the...

Getting To Know The Motorcycle Culture In Cuenca

[dropcap]Spend [/dropcap]one afternoon in Cuenca and you’ll quickly notice a great number of motorcycles and scooters making their way around town. While this is not...

What’s a Cedula and How Do I Get One?

Editor’s note: We’ve covered the updated process on how to get a cedula in this article. We suggest following the updated process and not the...

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The Four Rivers of Cuenca

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