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The Cuenca Guide for Young Movers 

If you’ve been paying attention to some of our recent articles here on Yapa Tree, you’ll have seen that we’ve been putting out informative content...

Best Asian Restaurants in Cuenca (& a Bonus Cafe!)

Take a walk down almost any street in Cuenca and you’re likely to find a Chifa restaurant. In fact, Chifa, the Ecuadorian version of Chinese...

The Ultimate Guide to Limón Indanza [Updated]

Ecuador’s Next “Pueblo Mágico”  When I say that Limón Indanza is Ecuador’s best-kept secret (and I do say that), it’s not just because of the...

Intercambios in Cuenca: Make Friends & Practice Spanish

Hold up, before we begin, it’s wise to introduce the concept of an Intercambio before we get into the where and when.  Intercambio: Speakers of...

Saraguro Day Trip

A while back I was at a launch party for a Cuenca business and there was a famous indigenous Youtuber and TikToker there called Nancy...

Where to Find Books in English in Cuenca

Before I moved to Latin America I was living in Barcelona, where a huge expat population, a functioning postal system, and Amazon books made it...

A Day Trip to Oña: Fun and Adaptive Transport

I’ll confess that this article and the accompanying video were an accident. My friends, Guillaume and Romina, and I had been planning a trip to...

Cuenca’s Fun & Quirky Ruta de Leyendas Tour (Inc Video)

One Friday afternoon, with a friend visiting from Ambato, we decided to head to Cuenca’s New Cathedral and climb the seemingly-endless staircase to arrive at...

Best Mexican Restaurant in Cuenca

I ate at 15 different Mexican restaurants so you don’t have to. I chewed the beef. I digested the tacos. I sank various Mexican beers....

Where to Get Cheap Furniture in Cuenca

Hello and welcome back to Yapa Tree. In this article, I’m going to look through your options when it comes to furnishing a house without...

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