Free & Low Cost Advertising For Cuenca Businesses

Free & Low Cost Advertising for Cuenca Businesses

As part of YapaTree’s commitment to the local business community, we provide a range of free & low cost advertising solutions.

These are specifically designed to help small businesses engage with YapaTree readers & potential customers.

Even better, most of our free opportunities are self-serve for maximum convenience.

Free Advertising Opportunities in Cuenca

1. Cuenca Yapas & Friends Facebook Group

Cuenca Yapas and Friends Facebook Group (Deals and Expat Info)

YapaTree spends a lot of time administrating and moderating our Cuenca Facebook Group. Group posting rules allow:

  • Relevant Cuenca businesses to advertise every 30 days. A relevant business is one that has customers in Cuenca, it doesn’t mean you need to be physically stationed in Cuenca.
  • YapaTree Card Partners can advertise every 7 days.

We put a lot of effort into maintaining a positive experience in our Facebook Group. Please don’t just see it as a dumping ground for your promotions every month. Our core mantra is “give more than you take”. For business advertisers, this also means:

  • Answering questions from others
  • Contributing your own posts
  • Generally being a good citizen of the internet by being respectful of others and certainly no trolling.

Whilst we want to support your business, we do remove businesses that only see it as a place to promote their businesses without further contributions.

How to submit a free business post to Cuenca Yapas & Friends:

  1. Join Cuenca Yapas & Friends Facebook Group. Either as your business or personal profile.
  2. Submit a post to the group about your business/promotion. Just be sure you’re within the group rules & haven’t posted an ad during the previous 30 days (or 7 days for YapaTree Card Partners).

2. Forum Posts on

Free Business Promos

These posts might just be “Cuenca’s Best Kept Advertising Secret“. Why? Because we also include a selection of these free posts in our popular Monday newsletter. These newsletter placements are prominent and advertisers receive substantial traffic.

How to submit a “Free Business Promotion” post to

  1. Sign In or Create an Account on
  2. Add New Post (can also be found in the main menu)
  3. Create your post by including the title, description and select forum “FREE Business Promotions”. See image below.
  4. Submit post

Our team will then review & publish the post within 24 hours.

Cuenca Forum Posts

3. Cuenca Events on

How to Add Events Cuenca

YapaTree maintains a online event calendar for the Cuenca area.

We allow all members of the public to post their events at no cost. YapaTree Card Partners also have access to recurring event listings and we offer to post their events for them.

All event listings are included in our Thursday event newsletter, allowing readers to plan their weekend.

How to submit a free Event listing to

  1. Sign In or Create an Account on
  2. Add Event (can also be found in main menu)
  3. Complete all event details. Don’t forget an image (ideal size 780 x 439 px).
  4. Submit post

Our team will then review and publish within 24 hours. Note, you won’t be able to edit your listing once published. To request an edit, reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help.

cuenca event listings

4. Pet Adoptions on

Upload Your Cuenca Pets for Adoption

We allow registered pet adoption centres to post their pets for adoption on There is no cost for this. We teach the adoption centres how to upload their own pet adoption listings and include one listing as “This Week’s Forever Friend” in our Monday newsletter.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to discuss:

  • Getting access to upload pets for adoption; or
  • Perhaps you want to volunteer to help upload pet listings on behalf of the foundations? That would be amazing as they need the help.

5. Apply to the YapaTree Membership Card Program

Cuenca Discount Card Program

Our membership card program is the biggest and most successful in Cuenca, with over 50 different local and national businesses participating. The program has zero costs to our partners. We encourage interested businesses to submit an Expression of Interest here. Please note, we receive a lot of applications and can only admit a small percentage of businesses that apply.

Low Cost Cuenca Advertising Opportunities

Need to add some more firepower to your advertising efforts? YapaTree’s low cost advertising solutions might be right for you.

1. Website Banners

YapaTree Website Ad Placements and Dimensions

These banners are mixed throughout our content for maximum visibility. The placements include:

Category Leaderboards

Displayed at the very top of each post.

In-Article Ads

Displayed throughout our articles.

Sidebar Ads

Displayed on the side of the article (desktop) or after the article (mobile).

A combination of the above ads is a good strategy to maximize ad impressions. Packages are available.

2. Newsletter Banners

YapaTree Email Ad Placement and Dimensions

We offer paid placements in both our Monday & Thursday newsletters.

Packages for multiple ads available.

3. Other, Including Content

We may have other opportunities available to your business. The types of opportunities really depend on the type of business you have. Reach out to us and we can look at putting some bespoke opportunities together for your business.

How To Order Paid Advertising with

  1. Contact our team here and let us know the type of advertising you’re interested in.
  2. Our team will provide a proposal (incl prices) within 48 hours.
  3. We agree on key items such as duration etc and commence the campaign

Want To Pitch Us Something Else?

Go for it. We’re big believers in mutually beneficial collaborations and approach opportunities with an open, inquisitive mind. Just bear in mind that we’re very busy with limited availability for meetings. But, we’ll always listen to your idea. Send us a message here.

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