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Based on 100% organic soy wax, with premium fragrances and essential oils, Mâre Wax Studio (local brand) soy wax melts, immerses your home in a comforting scent, and lets the aroma transport you to moments of relaxation and joy. It creates a cozy atmosphere, makes memories, and indulges in the heartwarming scent of every day.

Eight different aromas are in stock: (samples are ready to smell)
1. Acai berry
Fragrance notes: Acai berries-Raspberries-Sandalwood
2. Tropical island
Fragrance notes: Marine notes-Pineapple-Coconut
3. Ocean roses
Fragrance notes: Green notes-Jasmine-Cedar
4. Earthing
Fragrance notes: Green notes-Orchid-Musk
5. Chai spice
Fragrance notes: Cinnamon-Anis-Vanilla
6. White Christmas
Fragrance notes: Fresh Leaves-Nutmeg-Cloves
7. Coffee house
Fragrance notes: Coffee-Dairy chords-Vanilla
8. Hot chocolate
Fragrance notes: Cocoa-Vanilla-Nutmeg

1. Place a melt in the top of any ceramic burner or electric melt warmer, allowing the fragrance to fill the room.
2. Wax melts can be melted several times over. Continue to use until there is no longer any scent.
3. To remove the wax melt from your burner/warmer, we recommend melting the wax until it is soft or liquid and then disposing it in a bin. Never pour wax down your drains. Wipe clean and replace with a new melt.

Price: $4/ a box (includes seven melts)
Ceramic burners are also in stock, prices are $7.90 to $8.90 for different shapes.

Shop address: Hermano Miguel 5-74 y Juan Jaramillo, Cuenca
INS/FB: @gracienaturalshop
WhatsApp: 099 895 4800
Business hours: Mon-Fri, 10 AM – 5 PM; Sat, 11 AM – 4 PM. No lunch break.
We provide Factura Electrónica.
We accept Debit/Credit Cards (no extra charge).

Gracie: [email protected]

Posted : 05/12/2023 7:22 am

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