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Golden mix



Size (When Grown)

Med 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)

Meet Jake

Written by Jake’s owner:

Jake, a  small 4-5 year old Golden mix, appeared on our street in January. He began following me around and after a fruitless search for an owner, we took him in, got him castrated, vaccinated and washed. He has been with us ever since. He weighs around 38 to 40 pounds. He is sterilized, has had a full complement of vaccinations, dewormed, flea free and in good health. His care is with Dr Juan Carpio. I will make sure that he has a checkup and all medication before turning him over to a new owner.

Jake is very affectionate. He appears to have had a previous owner, but was not trained in basic commands. We have been working with several trainers since January, but now have a problem with our 6 year old Border Collie, Pip, who has started reacting to Jake’s presence. Jake has progressed rapidly. he is very intelligent and has learned many commands, including sit, stay, down, out, off,  and no for anything else.  he is very loyal and attentive and often prefers to curl up beside me when I am napping

 But, I have broken up two serious fights and have been bitten severely twice (by Pip, not Jake),  intervening in those encounters.  Unfortunately, at my age (81) I do not have the strength and mobility to be constantly intervening in their altercations. Sadly, though we love both dogs, one has to go and Pip has been with us since we rescued her, as a 3 month old pup, deserted in the park by our home.

 Unfortunately Jake is reactive and aggressive towards unknown dogs, on leash, in public. Both trainers we have used have confirmed our suspicion  that this  aggression is fear/anxiety driven. Jake has average eye contact in private spaces, but when he gets outside in public, he is driven by the environment. He walks well on leash with minimum pulling, until we encounter another dog. Sometimes a correction will keep him under control, but other times he lunges at the other dog. With a firm hand he can be brought under control once the stimulus is removed.

We love Jake and very much want to keep him, but the new situation of fighting between him and Pip is leading us to look for a forever home for Jake. We are looking for a person who will take on the challenge of socializing with Jake. We believe he needs an environment where there is not another dominant dog and a person who accepts that Jake walking off leash will probably never happen.

Jake comes with a collar, tags, leash and slip lead. He is kennel trained and prefers sleeping there during the day and night , if not by your side.  His kennel is available on request. If you would like to meet him and be considered as his forever owner, please contact Jo.

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