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Freaking Out About The Big Move? Try These 3 Mind-Body Exercises

[dropcap]Moving[/dropcap] to a foreign country involves change on so many levels. Experiencing a change of geography, language, customs, foods, and services will challenge even the most seasoned person in his ability to adapt and thrive. Your success in managing your move is largely dependent upon your ability to manage your mind, body, and emotions through these changes.

Have you given thought to your own ability to deal with change?  Successfully navigating this inner landscape will increase your level of happiness and satisfaction with your new move.

Here are three exercises that can ease you through the process.

1. Focus

Hone in on the now.

Focus is about looking at the right thing, not everything. Focus protects the mind from drowning in the onslaught of tasks, issues, and concerns that become part of your big move experience. It blocks the cascade of negative emotions that begin from a feeling of overwhelm. Focusing in the “now,” not the past or the future, allows the body to relax, breathe, and effectively deal with the present moment activity.

And let’s be real. There is a lot on your plate in a big move, so while you’re focusing on the “one” thing, some other task or concern will attempt to hijack your mind. Have a place you can write it down. You have captured it for later review, and for now can stay focused on the task at hand.

2. Space

Take a walk or sit in silence.

Space is the capacity you have in your internal landscape to effectively deal with change. It is created by putting your body in a place that allows you to re-group and ground itself in the midst of change. It may be a place in your home, a place outdoors, or even a place in your mind. It can be done anywhere. The result is greater internal capacity to effectively manage negative emotions that become trapped in the body and block your ability to manage changes at hand.

In making a big move one of the most common emotional challenges is dealing with the feeling of overwhelm. It can come from being in an unfamiliar place, exposure to a foreign language, or generally navigating your life in a new way. On the heels of overwhelm come anxiousness, anxiety, and fear.

Close your eyes and breathe. Inhale deeply through your nose, slightly hold the breath, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this process, inhaling slightly deeper than before, until your mind slows and the muscles in your body relax.

Feel your body present in this moment. Feel the increased capacity you have created to successfully manage the change before you. Let your mind speak and affirm you as a phenomenal living being, able to manage what is before you. Breathe this in.

3. Time

Practice patience.

Allowing mind, body, and emotions enough time to adapt is critical to the success of your big move. Emotional discomfort and uncertainty are commonly felt by people early in their move. Remembering that (a) what you see right now, (b) how you feel right now, and (c) what you think right now will be different in the future will help to maintain your commitment to allow yourself time to adapt.[/color-box]

Moving to a foreign country will stretch and challenge you in ways that cannot be fully appreciated or completely known beforehand. By cultivating focus and giving yourself enough space and time, you will be able to manage change and increase the level of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment from your big move. Congratulations and best of luck!

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