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Cuenca Real Estate Trip with David – Vlog 14

Good morning! Today, we’re embarking on a Cuenca real estate trip with expat-to-be, David, and his friend JJ. We’ll be visiting various neighborhoods and checking out some property listings to give David the knowledge he needs to understand if the Cuenca property market is for him. So, hop on board and join us.

Planning the Property Trip

We’ve got a full agenda ahead, planning to view five to seven properties, depending on how time permits. These properties were selected based on our client’s preferences, including neighborhood choices, budget, and specific accommodations like the number of bedrooms. Xavier did a preliminary selection a few days back to ensure everything aligns with what our clients are looking for.

Our trips are tailored for those at the beginning of their decision-making journey regarding the Cuenca market. These individuals often aren’t sure if Cuenca is the right place to buy or rent. Our tours are educational, providing insights into the local real estate market and showcasing different neighborhoods, especially those popular among expats. This approach helps clients understand the market better and set realistic expectations.

First Stop: Puertas del Sol / Gringolandia Area

As we head towards our first destination, the Puertas del Sol / Gringolandia area, David shares his story. He first visited Ecuador in October for bird watching and fell in love with the country. Now, he’s scouting Cuenca as a potential place to retire.

David expresses an interest in having both a city condo and a country home, which aligns with one of the properties we are about to see—a city home for someone who primarily lives in the countryside but wants a city base.

Our first couple of stops include properties that combine old-world charm with modern amenities, appealing to David’s love for old-country aesthetics.

Viewing the First Properties

Our first property viewing is a lovely place across the river, priced at $198,000. It features a mix of indoor and outdoor living spaces, which David appreciates, but he finds the L-shaped living area a bit awkward. He prefers more open, square living spaces.

The second property is a penthouse with fantastic views of the mountains and river, priced at $225,000 (since reduced to $199K). It’s cozy and fits David’s idea of a smaller city base paired with a larger country home. He loves the openness and views but is still weighing his options.

Heading to Tarqui

The next day, we head to Tarqui to view a modern house 20-25 minutes from Cuenca, priced at $235,000. David loves the design and construction quality but feels it’s too modern for his tastes. He appreciates the area’s greenery and pastoral charm, though.

Final Stop: Challuabamba

Our last stop is a townhouse in Challuabamba, priced at $156,000 (this project). David is impressed by the smart floor plan and quality construction. Unlike the previous modern property, this one fits his style better. The views and the overall value make it a strong contender.

Reflecting on the Journey

Throughout the tour, it’s clear that David is excited but cautious. He almost made an offer on the third property on the first day, but we always encourage our clients to take a step back and consider their options thoroughly. Emotion can cloud judgment, and it’s crucial to ensure the decision is right, especially since it’s David’s first time viewing properties in Cuenca.

Today’s tour provided David with a broad perspective on what’s available in Cuenca. Whether he decides now or later, the insights gained will undoubtedly aid in making an informed decision. If David decides to purchase after leaving, he can establish a power of attorney with us or someone he trusts to manage the paperwork.

Closing with Attorney Sara Chaca

David has opted to use Sara Chaca of Ecuador Visas as his attorney for the property closing process. She provided insights into the closing process in general and also highlighted a particular process that the seller must complete before the property David is interested in can close. 

From title investigations to tax obligations, Sara’s expertise ensures a smooth transition for prospective buyers like David.

Thank you for joining us on this real estate journey. Cuenca has much to offer, and we hope this tour has given you a glimpse of its charm and the variety of properties available. We are looking forward to seeing how David’s life in Cuenca unfolds. 

Until next time. 

Feel free to book your own real estate trip with us or appoint us as your buyer’s agent

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