Cuenca Real Estate Investment Trips [sneak Peek]

Cuenca Real Estate Investment Trips [Sneak Peek]

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Since upgrading our Cuenca-based property platform a few months ago, we’ve been a little overwhelmed by the encouragement from renters, buyers, owners & landlords. There’s clearly a need to provide professional, quality real estate services to expats looking for investment-grade properties.

So, we’re now offering this service to you via our Real Estate Investment Trips. These trips are action-packed full of property viewings and practical information new investors need to know such as visas, insurance & property laws.

Read on to find out key details of these trips like example itineraries, prices & more.

Right, let’s do this!

Who Are These Cuenca Real Estate Investment Trips for?

These trips are mainly geared toward expats that are looking to buy investment-grade properties in and around Cuenca, Ecuador.

For example, perhaps you’re:

  • On an exploratory trip to Cuenca & want to consider your real estate investment options whilst in town
  • A seasoned investor wanting to diversify your portfolio with exposure to Cuenca property
  • Looking to obtain residency in Ecuador via an investment visa – investing in property is a popular option for this.
  • A bluebird from Canada or digital nomad wanting to setup an affordable home base for yourself to enjoy for a few months every year and rent it out via AirBnB or similar whilst you’re not in Cuenca.

Yes, owner-occupiers also receive a lot of value on these trips. In particular, it will help you understand the investment fundamentals of your house or apartment so you can make an informed decision on the potential long-term value of the property should you decide to sell.

Exploring Cuenca Neighborhoods

The location of each property has a significant effect on the purchase price. One of the core outcomes of these trips is to explore the different neighborhoods so you can start to build your knowledge bank of the most in-demand areas right now and those likely to appreciate in the future.

Each day of the trip you’ll visit at least 2 different neighborhoods which can be chosen based on your investment preferences or our experienced real estate brokers can provide guidance. Not sure where to start? Read our guide on popular Cuenca neighborhoods.

Key Legal and Other Expat Needs Covered

No doubt you have a thousand practical and legal questions such as:

  • The process for purchasing a property
  • Is a lawyer required at closing and what are the costs
  • Transferring funds to Ecuador
  • Visa issues: particularly if pursuing residency in Ecuador via an investment visa
  • Insurance questions such as your options for homeowners or building insurance

I’m sure many other questions just popped into your head. Another core outcome of these trips is for the real estate investor to leave with full knowledge of not only the investment potential of selected Cuenca properties but also the investment risks and how to mitigate these.

Our trips incorporate streamlined sessions with Cuenca professionals in these core subject areas, opening the door for your to utilize their services should you choose.

Who is Leading These Trips

YapaTree is partnering with long-term Cuenca real estate broker, Xavier Amoroso, to deliver these trips. Xavier is a very experienced broker and has led investment trips like these for over 10 years.

Finding a quality, trustworthy real estate agent in Cuenca can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’re very excited to be partnering with such a reputable and resourceful agent like Xavier and are confident you’ll be equally as impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail (two traits that can be very hard to find in Cuenca real estate agents).

Example Real Estate Investment Trip Itinerary

These trips are purposefully not ‘set in stone’ as they are tailored to the property needs of each group. However, to give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a 3-day itinerary from a previous trip.

Day 1

8:30 Breakfast & IntroductionsMeet at your hotel or nearby breakfast spot to meet, introduce everyone & run through trip rules & expectations.
9:15Attorney SessionIncludes key information you’ll need on visas, property buying process & POA
10:00Property Viewing 1View Property 1
10:20Property Viewing 2View Property 2 (likely in the same neighborhood as Property 1)
10:40Neighborhood 1A guided trip to discover key neighborhood amenities such as shopping, markets, hospitals & restaurants.
11:00Property Viewing 3View Property 3
11:30Property Viewing 4View Property 4
12:00Lunch & Feedback Lunch at a restaurant in the neighborhood that includes a feedback session. Perfect for asking any questions you have.
3:00Property Viewing 5View Property 5
3:30Property Viewing 6View Property 6
4:00Property Viewing 7View Property 7
5:00Riverwalk, coffee &
Short walk along the river and enjoy a coffee in El Centro. Includes another feedback session for questions or other input.

Day 2

8:30 Pick upPick up from your hotel (no time allowed for breakfast today – it’s all go, go, go!)
9:15Relocation Services SessionIncludes key information on shipping containers, importing & exporting.
10:00Property Viewing 8View Property 8
10:20Property Viewing 9View Property 9 (likely in the same neighborhood as Property 8)
10:40Insurance Broker SessionCovers key topics on the various types of insurance available in Ecuador including health, car & homeowners.
11:00Property Viewing 10View Property 10
11:30Property Viewing 11View Property 11
12:00Lunch & Feedback Lunch at a restaurant in the neighborhood that includes a feedback session. Fire away with your questions.
3:00Property Viewing 12View Property 12
3:30Property Viewing 13View Property 13
4:00Property Viewing 14View Property 14
5:00Coffee & feedbackRecap the day and ask questions over a coffee in El Centro.

Day 3

8:30 Pick upPick up from your hotel (no time allowed for breakfast today – it’s all go, go, go!)
9:15Drive outside of CuencaViewing properties outside of Cuenca today
10:00MarketsVisit the local markets of the town
10:20Property Viewing 15View Property 15
10:40Property Viewing 16View Property 16
11:00Property Viewing 17View Property 17
12:00Lunch & Feedback Lunch at a restaurant in the neighborhood that includes a feedback session. Fire away with your questions.
3:00View more properties or
revisit properties of interest
Choice of either seeing more new properties or revisiting previous properties of interest.
5:00Coffee & Next StepsFinish the trip with a coffee & arrange any next steps for purchasing any suitable properties.

As you can see, there are a lot of activities crammed into each day of the trip. These trips are highly dynamic with the leader gently pushing the group so they can maximize the property viewing and learning opportunities.

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The following prices include food and travel, but not accommodation. We can help you book accommodation at discounted rates if you need it.

Trips can accommodate up to 8 people. The pricing below is based on 2 people as this tends to be a popular option. Contact us for additional rates.

1 Day Trip

For 2 People
$ 113
Per Person Per Day
  • $225 total for 2 people

2 Day Trip

For 2 People
$ 85
Per Person Per Day
  • $340 total for 2 people

3 Day Trip

For 2 People
$ 70
Per Person Per Day
  • $420 total for 2 people

Best Value

You’re also eligible for a 50% refund on the trip prices if you do decide to purchase a property whilst on the trip.

Where to book or more information

Interested in learning more? Great. Send us a message here and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions or to make a booking for you.

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