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AFF (Amazon Fruit Festival) Discount

The AFF (Amazon fruit festival) is a gathering of like minds in the heart of the tropics! Created to bring people together to experience the fruit-filled life on a community farm. Enjoy fruit, yoga, meditation, permaculture workshops, talks, raw food demos and much much more!

Located at “Terra Frutis” a community owned fruit forest with many buildings started in 2015. The fruit farm is close to the town of Gualaquiza on the Oriente. If the road straight down from Cuenca to Loja is the main fast straight road. The Oriente is a semi circle like road that takes longer but has many attractions and note-worthy stops along the way. One of the best is Gualaquiza which is a rural Ecuadorian town with a thriving central market/bus station area and lots of picturesque scenery like waterfalls and rock formations.

Holders of the Gringotree card are entitled to a 5% discount on the Fruit Festivals organised at the ffruit farm twice a year in January and March. Contact either Gringotree or the fruit festival directly at their website:

Follow them on social media at this link:

Watch a video of the fruit festival in action in 2020!

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