How To Receive Your Important Documents With FedEx Cuenca

Oh, to be newly settled in Cuenca, Ecuador, and trying to finish up all of your documents for residency! The end is in sight — you transported all of the necessary documents with you and had extra copies to boot — and then you hear the words “you will need another copy of your FBI report by Friday.” And today is Tuesday. The popular rephrasing of a line from Robert Burns’ 18th century poem springs to your mind — “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” … And yet there is hope, hope in the form of FedEx, which has an office in Cuenca.

The Details

Fedex Cuenca is located on Avenida Francisco Moscosco and 10 de Agosto, a few blocks off Solano Avenue. Their phone number is: +593-7-2815348 and their business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, usually closed for lunch from 1-3 pm.

Make sure your important documents get to Ecuador with minimal hassle and money by following the tips below.

Getting Started: Create An Online FedEx Account

If you don’t have one, create an online FedEx account based in the United States. If you’re in the U.S., you can use your online account to schedule pickups and dropoffs, as well as pay for shipping. Your online account’s best purpose when you’re living in Ecuador is to:

  1. Provide a prepaid way for your documents to be sent and
  2. Provide you with email notification that your documents have arrived

During the online account creation process, you simply provide a valid credit card number and choose the email address where you want notifications sent.

Fill Out The Forms

When shipping from the U.S. have a real person take your documents to a local FedEx shipping store and fill in the air bills with the address and phone number of the Cuenca office. Provide that friend or family member with your FedEx account number, and the shipping is automatically billed to your FedEx account. I would not recommend having your proxy fill in the shipping forms through your online account — selections have to be made about size, weight, etc. and those selections are really only applicable in the U.S., so tell your helper to head to the local FedEx store and do it in person, just in case there’s a question.

Tracking Your Shipment & Pickup

Your handy dandy online FedEx account is where you can track the shipment, and you will receive an email notification when your documents arrive. Take your passport (or cedula) with you when you go to the Cuenca office to pick up your shipment — they may ask for identification. If it’s your first time, you might take your FedEx account number if there’s a question. FYI, you do need to go to the office to pick up your documents — there is no home delivery in Cuenca.

Shipping Costs

Your costs will be just the flat fee to get your shipment to Ecuador, which varies based on from where you’re shipping in the U.S. Fees from the eastern part of the United States usually run about $55-$70 to get a FedEx envelope to Cuenca in 2-3 days.

Since you are shipping only documents, there should be no additional fees imposed by the Ecuadorian government.

Shipping to the U.S.

Finally, you can do this process in reverse if you need to send something to the U.S. As long as you have a FedEx account that can be billed, the process is fast and easy.

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