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Preparing for Medical Emergencies, Hospitalizations & The End of Life

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It is so gratifying to witness how participants, after attending the Expat Medical Emergency Preparation seminars, have taken the bull by the horns.

These expats all over the area are forming contact/support groups for mutual benefit. We are meeting with US trained RNs and completing our medical history forms, then shopping around for a competent, knowledgeable primary care doctor who can take care of us in our times of need, and for routine or chronic medical issues.

These expats are completing their health care directives, which in this country are not legal documents per se, but an internal document used by the power of attorney and the RN to make sure the expat’s end of life wishes are carried out by the doctor and nurses during the death process.

More and more of these expats are taking their thoughts about how they would like their bodies cared for after death, and drawing up a legal document called a declaracion.  Some are visiting the Cementerio Patrimonial de Cuenca to find out about the City’s services there.  They are all meeting with their attorneys to draw up poders so that there are designated trusted friends who will have the legal authority to advocate for them, along with the US trained RN, when the need arises for emergency medical services, hospitalization, rehab, palliative and hospice care.

These expats know how to register a death with the Ecuadorian authorities and the US Consulate.  Yes, these expats are preparing mentally and in actual fact, so that they have everything in place, and the informed guidance and support that is necessary to navigate the healthcare system here with minimal stress in times of medical crisis and end of life.  Knowledge is peace of mind and power.  This advanced preparation produces more support and less stress, and has already helped to save lives!  Yes, this is gratifying for all of us.

The next seminar will be held in late January, 2017.  To place your name on the waiting list, email Miriam at [email protected]

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