Laboratorio Platinum Cuenca New Yapatree Card Partner

Laboratorio Platinum – New YapaTree Card Partner

Today, we’re bringing you an offer that may save you a bundle on medical lab tests. Healthcare costs are a key driver for many expats deciding to call Cuenca their home, so we expect this deal to be very popular with YapaTree cardholders. We love bringing you practical deals that you can incorporate into daily life in Cuenca.

Why use Laboratorio Platinum

We have three kids and one is currently 4 months old. This means we’ve had to visit ALOT of different labs here in Cuenca recently. So, we have a pretty good eye on those labs we like and those we like to avoid.

Our first visit to Laboratorio Platinum was about 2 years ago. They’ve since moved into much bigger premises and have clearly invested heavily in new equipment. I normally see businesses expanding as a very positive sign that they’re in good shape. At this stage of their life-cycle, they are looking to please as they simply need to grow in order to justify the new expenses. This is generally good news for consumers – so it’s a great time to try them out.


Platinum Labs Cuenca Location
Laboratorio Platinum’s handly location [click for Google Maps]

Let’s be real. Location matters a lot when choosing your lab. The proximity to your hospital or where you live is generally going to be a key driver to the lab you use. The closer, the better. Laboratorio Platinum is ideally located right next to two of Cuenca’s main healthcare options; Hospital San Juan de Dios y Clinica Santa Ana. You also have Mount Sinai Hospital less than a 5 minute drive away.

You’re likely aware of this area as there are lots of other amenities close by, including Parque de la Madre, Supermaxi El Vergel, Millenium Mall & the Stadium.

Fast, efficient service

Platinum Labs Cuenca COVID Tests
Sebas getting a COVID test. Not sure why he’s enjoying it so much…

There’s a lot that I love about Ecuador. A lot. But, I can’t say that I’m always impressed by the level of service received. Sometimes the care factor seems to be hovering around zero or there just seems to be a lack of process for staff to follow.

But not at Laboratorio Platinum. They’ve always had a clear process when taking the tests and we’ve always received our results back when they said they’d be delivered. For us, these are significant wins because it means we can rely on this lab – especially in their ability to handle overflow cases due to the seemingly never-ending string of COVID mutations.

Results via Email + Online Login

Platinum Labs Cuenca Results by Email

Cuenca isn’t exactly a technology powerhouse. Which can mean that it’s slow for businesses to adapt to newer technologies. Not all Cuenca laboratories are setup to provide your results electronically via email. Some require you to visit them again to pick up the results.

Laboratorio Platinum does offer results via email which is more convenient and quicker than having to pickup in person. You can then send the results to your doctor.

They also have an online portal where you can view your results.

English Speaking Staff

You certainly don’t want to get your tests mixed up just because your Spanish lets you down. They have multiple staff members that can communicate in English which can provide valuable reassurance for many expats.

In-Home Testing Available

Platinum Labs Cuenca COVID In Home Tests

It’s not always convenient to visit the lab & there may be times where it’s simply safer not to go outside your home at all. Here’s where in-home tests shine. They’ll bring everything needed to perform the test at your home for your convenience & peace of mind.

Competitive Prices

We can’t say whether Laboratorio Platinum is the cheapest lab in Cuenca. Chances are that given the level of service they provide and the equipment they’ve invested in, I’d be very surprised if they were the cheapest option.

But, compared to the other quality labs that we’ve used, they are very competitively priced for the tests we’ve been able to compare.

You can use their COVID testing prices as a guide:

  • $10: Saliva Antigen Test
  • $44: Nasal PCR Test

Of course, we have an offer for YapaTree cardholders which will make their prices even more competitive.

Offer for YapaTree Cardholders

Laboratorio Platinum is offering the following deal to YapaTree cardholders:

10% Off All Tests

They offer a wide range of tests, so I know this deal has the potential to save you a few hundred dollars per year. Obviously, how much you save will depend on how many tests you need. So, whilst we hope you don’t have the need to have lots of tests made, at least you’ll be saving some money if you do.

More information and how to book

Head on over to the Laboratorio Platinum deal page. This has all of the contact information you need to make a booking.

Just remember, don’t forget your yapa!

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