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How To Use The New GringoTree Site: A Brief Tutorial

[color-box color=”green”]Hey fellow GringoTree users. We hope you are enjoying the new site and all it has to offer. We have put together a brief tutorial on how to use some of the features on the new site like:


How To Become A Registered User On GringoTree

Along the top navigation bar you will see several fields of content. Move your mouse over to “Register!” and select it.


Once you select “Register” you will be redirected to the registration page- As you travel through the site you will always be able to tell where you are as the page will appear green in the drop down menu.

Register 3

All you will need to do now is fill in the required information and hit submit! That’s it!

After you have created an account your email will need to be verified. Check your email and click on the verification link you receive to activate your account *If you haven’t received this email, check your junk mail*
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How To Sign In Via Nav Bar/ Log In As A Registered User

loginAs a registered user returning to the page all you will need to do to sign into the site is hover over the Register button on the main nav bar and another dropdown menu will appear- select “log in” from the drop down menu.

You will be taken to a page like the one shown to the left. Enter you username and password and hit submit! If you are using a home computer I would recommend selecting “remember me” to insure you are automatically signed into the site every time you visit.

We will be activating a social media sign in very soon that will allow you to create an account using your existing Facebook or Google+ information
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How To Update Your Profile Once You Are Logged In

As a signed in user the“Register”  button will no longer appear along the Top Navigation Bar when you visit the page. This is a way of identifying that you are already signed in.


To access your user settings hover your mouse over the “Home” and a new drop down menu will appear that allows you to access or change your user setting and member privileges and the ability to: view your profile, view your activity, see other GringoTree members to add friends or send messages, visit your Gringo Groups and reset your password

home settings
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How To Post For Free As A  Registered or Unregistered User

On the New GringoTree website any and all users are invited to create FREE posts in our Forum. We have created categories like “Cuenca Buy & Sell” “Free Business Promotions” “Expat Q&A” and more to come very soon.

To access the free daily posts hover your mouse over “Latest Free Posts” and click and you will be taken to a page where ALL of the posts will be displayed in the order they were published. If you wish to view the post categories select “Post Categories” from the drop down on the Navigation bar.


Creating a post is simple! All you will need to do is select “Create New Post” from the drop down menu and begin typing your post. After you have completed your post, please select the desired Category you wish to publish your post in and that’s it, hit “submit” and you are all set! Your post will be submitted to the site and will become visible on the page within 24 hours.


There are a couple short codes along the top of the post creation box that can help you dress up your post on the site.

forum shortcodes



b= bold, i=italic, b-quote= Block quote, Link= attach a link, Img= attach an image

If you want to attach an image you can do so by clicking “img”

  • To upload an image you will need to go to a web site or facebook page and find the image you wish to share in your post. Right click on the image and select “copy the image address/location” Paste this URL in the small window that opens when you click ” img”
  • After you have copied the image location, another box will appear asking you to name the image. Do this now and hit ENTER. Once these steps have been completed a small amount of text will appear in place of the image.        <img src=”https://yapatree.com/12923092_1053401861388589_1174813_n.png? ” alt=”GT Logo” />                  This is normal behavior. The image will be uploaded once you hit submit

If there aren’t images available online you can attach an image by selecting “Add Attachements” and begin adding files from your computer. You may add up to 4 files including text documents, images and more.

Once you are finished adding images or files hit “Submit” – that’s it, you’re done! – once the post has been submitted, please allow up to 24 hours for your post to become visible on the page.
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2 Responses

  1. Hola GringoTree- Thank you for this information! Why is it , that when I am logged in as a user, I am unable to see the “Gringotree members” list? When I hover over “home” – I can only choose from: My account settings, friends ( nothing happens when I click on that), Logout, Gringo groups, Reset password, and Contact us. Why am I missing the member list? thank you– Janet

    1. Hi Janet,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Our offices were closed over the holidays.

      The reason the members list has now been removed was because we were having issues with SPAM accounts going through the registration process and sending unsolicited messages to a large number of our members. As you can imagine, this was frustrating for all parties. We are usually notified by our client base fairly quickly and can control the accounts and tag them as SPAM but it was easier to disable the feature until we were able to get a work around to prevent any future problems.

      One way to access the members page is to type https://yapatree.com/members/ and the page will be displayed for you. (If you plan to use the page frequently, I would suggest you bookmark it so you can access it easier in the future. We found that the spam accounts don’t access the page this way, If its not in the navigation bar, they don’t bother our members with their SPAM messages.

      Hope this helps. If you have any questions you can email me directly [email protected]

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