Foundation of Cuenca Fiesta Event Schedule

Celebrate The Founding Of The City of Cuenca!

This year, Cuenca celebrates the official 460th anniversary of its founding by the Spanish on April 12.

Cuenca’s foundation festival will be celebrated with activities from April 6-29th. There are over 100 activities to enjoy around the city including parades, sporting events, festivals, concerts, crafts and food fairs, and art exhibitions.

Cuenca’s foundation celebration has traditionally been the “poor sister” to the larger independence celebration in early November. “We celebrate when the Spanish founded the city and then we celebrate again when we kicked them out,” says one member of the festivities committee, adding, “We like to party.”

So, what are you waiting for? Click Here To Download Your Own Very Copy Of This Year’s Event Schedule

Click Here To Download Your Own Very Copy Of This Year’s Event Schedule

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