Ecuador Visas Fee Free Tourist Visa Offer

Introducing Zero Service Fee Tourist Visa Extensions

Many travelers & expats-to-be find their initial allowance of 90 days in Ecuador is simply not enough.

Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with Ecuador and have decided to get your residency, but you need more time to complete the visa process. Or perhaps you’ve lived in Cuenca for a few months and want to check out the beach before committing to the move.

Whatever the reason, the easiest way to extend your time in Ecuador is through a tourist visa extension. This gives you an extra 90 days in Ecuador.

And today, we’re super excited to announce that YapaTree cardholders can obtain their tourist visa extensions through one of Cuenca’s most highly regarded immigration law firms without any fees. You’ll just pay the mandatory government fees whilst you let professionals take care of your application.

Ecuador Visas with Attorney Sara Chaca

Ecuador Visas, led by Attorney Sara Chaca, is the latest business to join YapaTree’s Card Program. Their offer is sure to be an instant favorite amongst cardholders because it helps resolve a major pain point for many visitors to Ecuador – professional assistance to extend their time in the country.

The offer

Ecuador Visas offer for YapaTree cardholders:

Zero service fee Tourist Visa Extension* with your YapaTree card

*Only pay the Ecuadorian Government fees

Offer value

Without the YapaTree card, this offer would normally cost you $67. Given your YapaTree card costs $25, you’re significantly ahead just by taking this one generous partner offer.

ie You’ll save more than 2x the value of the card with just this one offer.

Ecuador Tourist Visa Extension FAQs

General information about Tourist Visa Extensions & the process

Government Fee

A Tourist Visa Extension is a PAID form of Visa that currently requires you to pay approximately $133 in Ecuadorian Government Fees (that’s per each person and subject to change at any time).


The Tourist Visa Extension lasts for a period of 90 days, which unlike your FREE Tourist (“T-3 Visa” received automatically upon flying to Ecuador), that 90 day period continues to run regardless of whether you are inside or outside of Ecuador.

Paperwork requirements

The paperwork required is your Original Passport that still has at least 180 days validity remaining on it, which includes showing within it your valid Ecuadorian Immigration Police stamps confirming your previous entrances and exits to/from Ecuador.

When to apply

Applying for it on the correct date (or date range) that your own particular situation as a tourist permits or requires (i.e. less than 7 calendar days before your T-3 Visa expires).

Spanish not required, but please be respectful

Patience with the process and respectfulness shown to the Ecuadorian Immigration Police – while being fluent in Spanish isn’t required, it’s extremely helpful to you for purposes of being able to navigate (and tolerate) the process.

Common issues faced by expats undertaking the process solo

Common issues that are routinely faced by Expats when attempting to apply for a Tourist Visa Extension without professional legal assistance include:

  1. Confusions and misunderstandings with regards to how, when and where you apply for it.
  2. Inaccurate counting of your days spent inside and outside of Ecuador.
  3. Your Passport expiration date not complying with the 180 day minimum of validity remaining.
  4. Payment issues as per how, when and where you remit the Ecuadorian Government Fees, in addition to the necessary providing of proof of the same when applying for it.
  5. Having an irregular tourist status in the country, which in such case will subject you to fines, inability to apply for Residency and/or a ban from visiting Ecuador for up to 12 months – while that situation can be fixed if it occurs, as the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Why we suggest expats make use of this offer

We suggest making use of this free lawyer service for Tourist Visa Extension purposes:

  1. Eliminates all the guesswork as per if, how, when and where you apply for it.
  2. Makes the process routine, straightforward and assures you that it’s entirely valid without any issues.
  3. Permits you to be relaxed and stay calm throughout the process so as to not second guess whether you did it right.
  4. Saves hassles, money, time and again worry, so that you can then focus on simply being a Tourist and/or planning your Residency, Property Purchase, and/or any other Ecuadorian pursuits you have in mind.
  5. Allows you to receive professional legal service in English at absolutely zero cost, plus also receiving the opportunity to evaluate whether you should request professional legal assistance (from us or another law firm) with your future Visa & Legal Matters in Ecuador.

How to redeem this offer

You just need to get in contact with Ecuador Visas and let them know:

  • You’re a YapaTree cardholder, and
  • You’d like to make an appointment to get your Tourist Visa Extension.

Contact details for Ecuador Visas


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +593992962065

Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel, Cuenca, Ecuador

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