Document Submission for Professional (9-V) Visa

Translation and Notarization Services in Cuenca

Your documents will need to be translated and notarized in Ecuador. At this phase in the professional visa application you will only need to tend to your federal and state background checks (with their apostilles). These documents need to be translated professionally by a third party and need to be notarized. It is most efficient if you can find someone who is authorized to do both. The cost per document should be about $32 for translation and notary. You can also complete these tasks separately, but will need to make copies at every phase (4 copies total). Allow 1 week for this service.


Obtain Migratory Movement Certificate in Cuenca

The Migratory Movement Certificate lists your entries and exits from Ecuador, how many days you were in and out of the country, and under what visa you traveled.

To obtain the certificate, you need to go to the Police Migration (Policia de Migracion) Office in Cuenca. The office is located on Eduardo Munoz and Gran Colombia, about 2K from Centro just a few blocks from the Supermaxi on Avenida de Las Americas. It is a lengthy walk, or a taxi should cost $1.75-$2. Obtain your certificate about 1 week prior to submitting your application.

The process should take 5-10 minutes and will cost you $5 (cash only). Upon entry, tell the staff you are there to obtain the Migratory Movement Certificate (“Estoy aqui para obtener el certificado de movimiento migratorio”). You will be pointed towards a desk in the back left corner and be asked for your passport and the reason you are requesting the certificate (la visa profesional). The staff will ask you to review your information on the computer screen, including your personal identification, your address in Cuenca, and your travel records. You will sign your copy of the certificate and a paper receipt.


Submission of Visa Application at the Immigration Office in Azogues

To submit the final application you will return to the CAC building and continue to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana office on the first floor. It is best if you arrive early when the office opens at 9. The security guard will direct you to be seated and wait for the next available representative.

Be sure to have the following materials gathered in a manila envelope to submit in Azogues:

  • Passport + copy of passport
  • Registration of diploma statement from SENECYT
  • State background check (w/ apostille, translation, notarization)
  • Federal background check w/ apostille,translation, notarization)
  • Movement Migratory Certificate
  • Application Form w/ passport photo attached
  • Letter of intent in Spanish stating your name, passport number, purpose for the office visit, and that the appropriate documents are attached as requested by law

Depending on the wait times, the application submission could take only 15 minutes. The representative will input your information into the system and explain that you will receive a response in 1-2 months offering an appointment time to return. If your visa application is accepted, you will return for the appointment accordingly.

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