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Antisana Ecological Reserve – Vlog 3

Hey, YapaTree fam! Jason here, and today we’re diving into the wonders of the Antisana Ecological Reserve, just a stone’s throw from Quito. Get ready for stunning landscapes, a peek at a volcano, wildlife galore, and some cool history. Vamos. 

Getting There, Exploring Casa de Humboldt

Planning a visit? It’s about an hour from Quito to Pintag, then 45 more to La Mica Lagoon. Alternatively, head to Tambo, catch the Quito Papallacta route, hit Valle de Tambo, and hop onto Ruta del Condor. Oh, and check out Casa de Humboldt, a spot where a certain explorer once hung his hat.

Volcano Views and Timing Tips

Whilst on a clear day it’s hard to miss the Antisana Volcano, standing proud at 5,758 meters, on cloudy days it can be difficult to spot even if it’s right in front of you. Pro tip: book ahead with a National Park guide to get up close. And, a heads up, enter before 2 PM! We learned the hard way, missing it by 15 minutes. Those guards mean business.

Lava Flows and Cultural Layers

Marvel at lava flows from Muertepungo crater’s explosion 300 years ago as you make your way to the La Mica Lagoon. The landscape tells tales of pre-Incan territories, colonial ranches, and recent integration into protected areas. Cattle and wild horses roam where sheep once did.

Biodiversity Hotspot

Don your walking boots for a biodiversity bonanza. 418 bird species, 73 mammals, and 61 amphibians and reptiles call this reserve home. Bears, pumas, and the mighty Andean Condor are the A-listers.

La Mica Lagoon and Solo Loop

Check out the La Mica lagoon, a hotspot for diverse aquatic life and birds. And yes, I had to go solo on part of the loop—Michelle, Abuela, and Billy felt the altitude effects. Lesson learned: altitude + family health = solo trek.

Food, Accommodation, and Nature’s Beauty

Options abound for food and rest around Laguna Mica. Trout and Locro de Papas soup are must-tries. We’ve crashed at Tambo Condor—a solid choice starting at $30 per person. Nature’s beauty here is simply rejuvenating.

What to Wear and Vulcan Antisana’s Elusive Charm

It gets chilly, folks. Warm clothes, hiking boots, and a thermos with coffee are lifesavers. Oh, and say hi to Vulcan Antisana—even if the clouds play hide-and-seek.

Signing Off from Antisana

And that’s a wrap! If this video added some spice to your Quito plans, give it a thumbs up. Share your thoughts in the comments, and remember, your adventure is just a nature stroll away. Ciao ciao!

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