Air Traffic Resumes in Cuenca

With the arrival of HC-COF A319 flight, from Quito, at 08:07 yesterday, TAME  resumed service to and from the Mariscal La Mar Airport in Cuenca.

Operations at this air terminal were suspended from 22:00 on August 19 because of much needed resurfacing works on the track. Work ended on September 8.

TAME’s aircraft landed with a total of 70 people and later, at about 08:50, went destined to the capital. Among the passengers who arrived in Cuenca was Juan Cristóbal Lloret, governor of the province of Azuay, who announced that Cuenca is ready for the city to return as a quality tourist destination.

Despite the rain in the afternoon they have been able to return to normal operations.

A similar approach was Joseph Street, another user, who told last week also had to travel in vans that made available Interprovincial Alliance Austro Transportation (ATRAIN).

Meanwhile Paul Street, Director of the business unit TAME EP in Cuenca, explained that the company mobilizes daily between 250 and 300 passengers to Guayaquil and 150 to Quito .

He said last week TAME EP confirmed that the conditions at the takeoff and landing area meets the required characteristics.

He explained that during  the stagnation in the airport  due to the now completed work affected around 45 flights, which represents about 7,000 customers.

Meanwhile Marcelo Cabrera, mayor of Cuenca, said that they will now resume the analysis of the draft for the Airport Services Ordinance . This rule is intended that the airport, which is currently administered by the Corporation Cuenca Airport (CORPAC) to become a company of the local municipality.

Similarly he said they will continue with the review process for the relocation of the airport, but acknowledged that it is a long term project estimated at  about 10 years. As a first step the council tries to determine a suitable location for the Airport relocation.


Juan Fernandez is acting CEO of the Corporation Cuenca Airport (CORPAC), in charge of the administration of Mariscal La Mar Airport in Cuenca.

He said that after landing yesterday, with air operations resumed in Cuenca, it was proved by testimony from the pilots that the runway meets the required safety conditions.

He also confirmed that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) lifted the restriction leveled on the facilities from May 11 to not operate when the runway is wet. The ban came after an accident involving a Embraer 190 aircraft, which occurred on April 28 at the south end of the airport terminal.


The total cost of the resurfacing the runway at the airport was $ 718,594 with an additional $ 55,000 being added for the management of the work as it was being completed.

The LATAM airline, which is one of two serving in the Mariscal La Mar Airport,  said it will resume normal operations from  Monday 19 October.

This article was originally published in El Mercurio on September 15th


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