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GringoTree’s New Management

You’ve probably noticed a recent surge in activity on GringoTree. This is no accident. GringoTree is under new management! Who is now running GringoTree? GringoTree...

Do I need health insurance for my visa?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is more nuanced than it really should be. This has led to some confusion amongst expats, and even lawyers...

An A-Z Guide to Ecuador’s Most Common Produce

Photo Credit: A.Davey Have you ever wondered what that incredibly strange-looking, supposedly-edible thing at your neighborhood market is? Or wandered into a restaurant for an...

Traveler Health Declaration now required prior to boarding

New requirements are now in force when entering Ecuador.  From 30th August 2021, a Traveler Health Declaration (Declaración de Salud del Viajero) is required to...

New Supermaxi opens in Cuenca & Megamaxi announced

Ecuador’s supermarket giant, Supermaxi has opened its newest store in the Challuabamba neighborhood in Cuenca, Ecuador.  This comes on the back of their announcement of...

Ecuador’s Digital Nomad Visa?

Ecuador’s new Minister of Tourism, Neil Olsen, is in talks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a ‘Nomad Visa’. The Minister has pointed...

10 Rarer Fruits of Ecuador

1. Custard Apple / Cherimoya The Cherimoya (Annona cherimola) probably originated in the Andes of South America and is very easily available from markets and...

3 Steps To An Amazing Expat Experience

As an expat, you get to choose between being miserable — because, guaranteed, nothing in your new life will work as it did before —...

Busted! Top 3 Equator Line Tricks Debunked

At the “middle of the world,” there’s long been a few tests to prove the truth of its position. But are they fact or fiction?...

Mansión Alcázar: Elegance and Class in the Heart of Cuenca

A restored colonial mansion transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel, Mansión Alcázar, previously known as “Casa Cordero”, is a beautiful example of Cuenca’s most exquisite...

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