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Understanding Ecuadors Emergency Medical Services

EMS in Ecuador is like Forrest Gump’s Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You’re Going to Get! What I’ll say may not be comforting, but...

Translation Services In A Medical Emergency Can Save Your Life

[dropcap]Whether [/dropcap]you like it or not, or even believe it, the second a true medical emergency comes into your life you become even more of...

A Sober Look At Hospital Care In Ecuador: A Primer For Expats

[color-box color=”green”]If you’re from North America chances are you’ve been brainwashed. It’s not your fault.  For all the time you’ve lived “up there” your reality...

“Papa Noel” or “Plata Noel”? Twelve Questions for Expats this Christmas

Let’s talk about the Christmas messages, we the expat community, may be sending to our Indigenous neighbors, and in turn, how some of them may...

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Some people choose jobs, some jobs choose people. Take “Journeyman Jack” Abercrombie. He’s based in Cumbaya, Ecuador, and is an expert on life as an expat...

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