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Health That Still Cares: Inspired in Latin America

[dropcap]My[/dropcap] wife and I moved from Canada to Latin America at the end of 2011. While we really appreciate many things about Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia,...

Living at Elevation: Everything You Need To Know

[color-box color =”gray”][dropcap]One[/dropcap] of the most researched categories for expats contemplating a move abroad is health. Each country and city has its own specific topics...

Who Do We Trust With Our Health?

In a highly complex world, full of conflicting information, vested interests, and rapidly changing morals, we must rely on people and organizations that we can...

Coconut Oil: The Food And Medicine Miracle

[color-box color=”gray”]Coconut oil is unique in many ways, and the research is very clear. It supports heart and brain health, weight loss, as well as...

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