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Going to the Jungle? Watch Out for These Creatures

The rainforests of eastern Ecuador are home to at least 10,000 to 50,000 insect species including several photogenic ones such as jewel-like beetles. Several insects...

6 Spectacular Mountain Drives In Ecuador That Will Have You Hanging On To The Edge Of Your Seat

Thinking of taking a mountain drive? Be prepared to enjoy amazing scenery and awesome experiences. Bordered by Colombia to the north and Peru to the...

10 Tips To Avoid Tummy Troubles In Ecuador

When visiting or moving to a different country, travellers and alike can expect countless joys. Of course, a challenge or two could also pop up...

Seven Reasons to Visit Cuenca

Cuenca, Ecuador’s third largest city and the capital of the province of Azuay, is one of Ecuador’s most popular tourist destinations. Why should you visit? The...

Five Must-See Destinations in Ecuador: Part 2

For five other spectacular trip ideas, check out Five Must-See Places in Ecuador. There are dozens of interesting places in Ecuador, but these five off-the-beaten-path...

5 Spanish Phrases You Need To Know Before Coming To Ecuador

Photo by Mor. Whether you’re planning a trip, a move, or have just arrived, language is an important factor to consider.  Before coming to Ecuador,...

Six Reasons to Visit Quito

These are the top six reasons you should visit the “City of Eternal Spring.” You Can Exist in Two Hemispheres at Once Founded in 1534,...

Don’t Move To Ecuador Without These Four Items

Photo by Christine Urias. Photo illustration made using Prisma. An ever-increasing number of people are retiring to Ecuador. International Living has named Ecuador as the...

Five Must-See Places in Ecuador

Photo by pantxorama. Ecuador is a country with incredible natural sights and historic attractions. Retirees and expats will discover a new marvel on a daily...

An Introduction to the Unique Foods of Ecuador

Llapingachos in Quito / Photo by Steve. Ecuador is a diverse country in many ways — geographic regions, attractions and, of course, its unique foods. Why...

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