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The Most Helpful Words and Phrases for Traveling Abroad

Travelling to a foreign country is always a bit of a challenge, though hopefully, and in general, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Nevertheless, those...

15 Simple Questions To Ponder Before Moving To Cuenca

We at Gringo Tree strive to create content that is useful to a range of readers, including those curious toe-dippers in the realm of living...

How Volunteering In Ecuador Was The Best Choice I Made

Choosing to volunteer, or rather having to do so in order to not become penniless while travelling through Ecuador was one of the best choices...

5 Unique Yoga Experiences That Will Have You Saying Om

On vacation, time flies. It seems one moment you’re standing on the tarmac of your long dreamed of destination and the next, you’re back where...

Some Handy Spanish Phrases For Speaking With Locals

I studied Spanish for eight years before I went to a country where I would be forced to speak it. Eight years of grammar and...

Is Backpacking The Right Way To Travel For You?

[dropcap]Travel [/dropcap] is like love… or baking… or literary criticism – everyone does it in their own manner and style, and every outcome is different....

9 Ways To See The Best Of Any City In 48 Hours Or Less

Sometimes, in the course of traveling, we find ourselves in foreign cities for a regrettably short time, whether because of layovers or delays or for...

How I Experinced Paradise Volunteering in Puerto Cayo

Funny how even in the midst of active travel, a few weeks in any one place is enough to create a makeshift comfort zone and...

How to Get to Know Any City in 48 Hours or Less

Photo, “Turkey travel,” by Minamie’s Photo. Sometimes, in the course of traveling, we find ourselves in foreign cities for a regrettably short time — perhaps...

Montañita: A Land of Plenty… of Everything

Photo Credit: Johnny Chunga. Stuck at work? Glued to a computer screen? Covered in oatmeal thrown by a toddler? If you’re dreaming of the beach,...

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