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An Insider’s Guide to LGBTQ+ for Expats in Cuenca

While those considering expat life will have many questions about the differences between life in their home country and a popular expat destination like Cuenca,...

Cuenca’s Dog “Problem” and What You Can Do to Help

Author’s NoteIn an amazing coincidence, as I was writing this article, I received a call from my husband saying that he saw a small puppy...

Cuenca’s English Language Theater and Film Scene

It makes sense to me that anyone who would move to another country that speaks a different language– will be inquisitive and interested in discovering...

Cuenca’s Tempting Gran Ferias 

One of the special joys of Cuenca is discovering so many delicious and fresh organic foods to prepare at home. All around us are sources...

Biking Along Cuenca’s Rivers 

It can be argued that Cuenca’s beauty comes from three main attributes: the views of the mountains encircling the city, the Spanish and French Colonial...

FUPEC Invites Expats and Cuencanos to Volunteer

One of the many gifts of expat life in Cuenca is the gift of time. Freed from the responsibility of full-time jobs thanks to the...

Revitalizing a community through art: Mural tour pays homage to Eduardo Segovia

Cuenca is frequently called “The Arts Capital of Ecuador,” and it takes only a walk around the city to see the ubiquity of art in...

Retiring in Cuenca? Here’s Your Guide to Hassle-Free Transportation

When evaluating retirement destinations, local transportation is generally one of the more important aspects as it directly affects quality of life. After all, you’ll have...

Scoops of Happiness: 10 Ice Cream Spots in Cuenca To Try!

Perhaps the greatest surprise upon moving to Cuenca for this expatriated native of America’s Dairyland is the ubiquity of ice cream (‘helado’ in Spanish) in...

Tennis in Cuenca – Loving the Game at 8,500 Feet Above Sea Level

Tennis is a beloved sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. According to, an estimated 87 million people, or 1.17% of the...

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