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Rough Landing in Ecuador? Maybe You’re Dealing with Culture Shock!

We’ve all heard the term “culture shock,” and most of us, as expats, have experienced it to varying degrees. But what does it mean, and...

So Now You’re an Expat: Time to Reinvent Yourself!

I’ve written this article primarily with newer and future expats in mind, but many of our long-time Cuenca residents may find something here to inspire...

Why I Moved From Cuenca to Manta (And Then Returned to Cuenca)

Since moving to Cuenca nearly ten years ago, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve lived in ten different homes. I spent less than...

Are You Sick and Don’t Know Why? (It Just Might Be Long COVID!)

The COVID-19 Pandemic may have been declared “over” in various countries, but it’s still out there, infecting many people. But rather than focusing on new...

Renting a Home in Cuenca: Lease Considerations

Editor’s NoteThis is the 3rd installment of Jeff’s Renting in Cuenca series. We suggest reading the previous articles on Evaluating the Neighborhood and Evaluating the...

Finding a Home in Cuenca: Evaluating the Property

Editor’s NoteThis is the 2nd installment of Jeff Schinsky’s Finding a Home series. Part 1 covered Evaluating the neighborhood and we suggest starting there. Whilst...

Finding a Home in Cuenca: Evaluating the Neighborhood

Editor’s Note: Long-term expats most likely know the author, Jeff Schinsky, thanks to his ongoing efforts in the Expats Without Agendas Facebook Group. It’s one...

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