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Making Your Own Mote Pata: A Carnival Tradition

Ecuador is a small country, but it seems much bigger when considering the variety of foods that are offered within it. Each area of the...

How to Make Candied Figs Ecuadorian Style

Candied preserved figs are a typical dessert of the Ecuadorian Sierra, but are especially prevalent in the Carnival season, which begins in February. These sugary...

What You Need To Know: The Official Study On The “Expat Effect” In Cuenca

The Direction of External Relations, through an agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), carried out a “Study on Socio-Economic Impacts in Cuenca on the...

How To Receive Your Important Documents With FedEx Cuenca

Oh, to be newly settled in Cuenca, Ecuador, and trying to finish up all of your documents for residency! The end is in sight —...

8 Books That Will Help You Get To Know The Real Ecuador

One of the most interesting ways to get to a new country is by sampling some of its literature. I’m not talking about the “how...

Are You Ready to Experience Coffee In Paradise?

Just outside of Cuenca, in the nearby town of Saraguro, lies Hacienda la Papaya, a culture rich coffee plantation and beautiful bio-diverse tourist destination.  If you’re...

How To Celebrate New Year’s Like An Ecuadorian

Ecuadorians believe that New Year Eve signifies a way to let go of the old and welcome in the new- pretty standard right? Well, not...

10 Tips to Survive the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” in a Foreign Country

[dropcap]No[/dropcap] matter what country you live in, Holidays are infamous for increasing stress. There are gifts to buy, friends and family to visit, a seemingly...

How To Use The New GringoTree Site: A Brief Tutorial

[color-box color=”green”]Hey fellow GringoTree users. We hope you are enjoying the new site and all it has to offer. We have put together a brief...

The Anarchists of Spanish Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Languages are fickle creatures. They lull you into a false sense of confidence by pretending to follow rules before doing an about-face and presenting you...

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