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Do You Know the 14 Languages of Ecuador?

Photo Credit: Maurizio Costanzo. Of course, you’ll hear Spanish when you come to Ecuador — but the country also recognizes 14 indigenous languages, all protected by the...

Quench Your Thirst with these Typical Ecuadorian Beverages

If you have ever been to Ecuador, you’re aware of the astounding variety of fruit juices available on street corners and in the mercados and...

Cuenca Responds To 7.8 Earth Quake On The Ecuadorian Coast

Saturday night Ecuador was hit with a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake.  The death toll from the massive quake has climbed to 233, President Rafel Correa...

Lost City of the Incas: Yacuviñay

Yacuviñay — which means “Eternal Water” in Quechua — is an archaeological site from the Inca era located just outside of Atahualpa, a canton in the...

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