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      Naomi Septie

      I’m looking into the possibility of moving to Ecuador. I am going to Ecuador this summer to observe/inspect Cuenca Ecuador. I wish to look for hotels or houses that are secure, affordable, and convient (location-wise). How far is the airport to Cuenca? I would greatly appreciate any advice or heeds or any other information. I’m a little frightened. Thank you so very much.

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      chloe kemp

      Hi Naomi: I am also planning on moving to Ecuador and will be in Cuenca from June – November. I currently live in Asheville, NC

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      Jimmy Edwards

      the airport isn’t that far from downtown Cuenca. Im not sure of the distance, but the cab fare was only 5 dollars and it didn’t feel like more than a 10-15 min ride. Ill be flying down there end of April, and looking at doing some very nice air BnB options while I look for something more long term. Im afraid of commiting to a lease without actually seeing what Im getting

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      Louis Bourgeois

      The airport in Cuenca is only 5 minutes from downtown and only the minimum cab fare, $1.50. My Cuencana wife and I specialize with our B&B helping those serious about exploring living in Cuenca and renting a house, rather live in an apartment building. We have A lovely place on the west side of Cuenca, tranquil with great views of the Cajas and clean air!

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      Bobette Jane

      Hi, Naomi,

      I may have the perfect solution for you to explore Cuenca. I’ve lived in Cuenca for 4 seasons–I live here from Oct. – May, in a gorgeous, huge, fully-furnished, centrally-located penthouse apartment with 3 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths (including a jacuzzi tub in my master bath), huge kitchen, brand-new washer & dryer in the laundry room, a full maid’s room with full bath, gorgeous views of the city and the Cajas, and a small balcony. The apartment is on many bus routes (and, when the Tranvia is complete, will be right on that route, too) and is a 20-min. easy walk to El Centro. It’s also within easy walking distance of SuperMaxi Los Americas, the big “US-style” supermarket and is just above the Tomebamba River. I have no intention of giving this incredible apartment up while I’m out of the country and my American landlady, who lives in the US, encourages me to sub-let while I’m gone.

      The total expenses, including rent, condo fee, utilities and internet, are under $700/month. I don’t normally advertise the apartment this early, because I have no problem finding qualified renters, but it does sound like the perfect way for you to explore Cuenca. All you’d need to move in would be your clothes and your toothbrush. If you’d like more photos and more info, please contact me. Bobette Jones [email protected]

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