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      Danielle Elatri

      I am going to settle in Cuenca. I have a few items in 220 volts (computers, TV, etc)
      Do you know if I can use them in Cuenca with a transformer or getting a line in 220 volts as I will have one for the induction stove.
      Do you have a transformer on sale?
      Thank you

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      Just get a decent transformer and you are good to go. If you are shipping a container to Ecuador then get your transformers before you leave – probably cheaper where you are than here.
      When buying a transformer make sure that you purchase one with sufficient power rating – not one of those cheap things. Add up the amperage (usually on the back of appliances) and get a transformer with about 100% more capacity.

      I am doing the same thing in reverse … moving to where 220V is the standard.

      There are lots of electronic/electric type stores near Coral in El Centro – Huayna Capac area.

      The 220 volt service for you induction stove can be installed here. The electric company will drop the service to your place free of charge and you have to get an electrician to complete the rest of the run. Unless you really have to / must have an induction stove I just would not bother. The electric company has a program whereby you can pay for your stove over a period of years.

      Hope that this helps.,

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