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      Bob Kezer

      Well, maybe not in the sense some of you might be thinking…

      Anyway. Who would’ve figured?

      Our virgin Bonobo Bob’s craft shrub cocktails are now as big a hit with the in-crowd as our drinks fueled with premium liquors.

      Enjoy our clear, bright, and refreshing Ecuadorian flavors all day long and still find your way home in the evening…unless, of course, that’s not your goal.

      Here’s the deal:

      Take an 11oz. rocks glass filled with ice and Güitig agua con gas, add a half an ounce or so of Bonobo Bob’s shrub or cocktail mix, and feel yourself start to grin from ear to ear.

      Our fruit spritzers not only beat store bought in taste, they are much better for you than anything sugar based.

      For example, the half an ounce of shub in your drink has about 24 calories from sugar. A soda pop has over 150 calories.

      And check out these flavors:

      Vilcabamba Tin Hat: Mora, ají, and lime

      Sangay Stinger: Ají, piña, basil, and lime

      Montañita Pearl Diver: Mora, basil, and lime

      Dark and Stormy: Ginger and lime

      Plus, our shrubs are vinegar based and infused with fresh fruit and herbs, all of which may have their own health benefits.

      For those people concerned with managing their sugar intake, Bonobo Bob’s Shrubs can play a part in helping with their daily dietary decisions.

      For delivery, call or order at the bottom of our home page.

      Bob Kezer
      Bonobo Bob’s Tribu de Amor
      One Race, One Planet, One Future
      099 44 70 229

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