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      Missing the nice pancakes and brownies back home? Or the convenience of being able to buy them in a mix you can whip up in no time?

      Hi, I am Olivia, a 12 year old girl and I have been working hard to buy a ticket to see my friends back in the States. I am only $40 away!! I have been test baking (and eating) these last few weeks and have come up with delicious pancake and brownie mixes! Both are high Altitude recipes. I will be at the Veggie Bar bazar on Saturday the 27th, be there before I sell out! We will be leaving for the states on the 30th so make sure to stock up. Thank you so much to those who have helped support me along my way! Deliveries can be arranged. Inquiries can be made with the contacts below.

      (3 Brownie mixes for $10 and 3 Pancake mixes for $12)
      *for buyers at the veggie bar

      Pancake mix makes 2 batches = $5.00
      ( makes 12-16) pancakes

      Brownie mix makes 1 batch = $4.00

      [email protected]

      Phone #:

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