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      If you’re looking to learn Spanish while you’re in Cuenca, check out idiomArt.  We just finished a week of intensive (three hours a day for five days) Spanish lessons there and are singularly impressed with our instructor, the reasonable price, and the space in which idiomArt is located.

      Fausto Balazero, our instructor, is experienced, effective and entertaining.  He has spent decades in the field of education, training students in language and history.  He authored the textbook we used in the class.  Fausto structures his classes so the students immediately employ the grammar lessons they learn in conversations with him.  He spices the classes with amusing anecdotes from his personal and professional background, and plucks fascinating details from Educador’s geography, history, economics and its socio-political climate to make his classes entertaining, and informative.

      idiomArt is much more than a language school.  It is a space devoted to the creative arts, and functions as an art studio, an art gallery, and a fine arts academy.  idiomArt is located in a converted two-story residence whose walls are adorned with art works, on Calle Presidente Cordova.  The house’s rear balcony fronts an open air courtyard in the center of which sits a gurgling fountain, bordered by a variety of shrubs, trees and flowers.  It is a very peaceful, very appealing place in which to learn.

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