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      Bob Kezer

      Hey Shrub fans,

      We’ve had another report of an older bottle of shrub breaking or bursting. This is rare but please, if you still have shrub purchased between ~15 February and ~15 April, be aware of the possibility and store it in an appropriate place or put it in another container.

      If you have any concerns about a bottle of shrub purchased during that period, unopened or not, or if you have had a bottle break, please contact me through the email below and I’ll replace it.

      The problem was shifting over to using a microwave to sanitize the bottles instead of using a boiling water bath. The glass in the bottles isn’t microwave approved, and the structural integrity of some of the bottles was weakened during the process.

      Thank you all for your continued support.

      Coming soon: Ají shrub!

      Bob Kezer
      [email protected]
      Bonobo Bob’s: Tribu de Amor
      One Race, One World, One Future

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