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      Felix Salinas


      Let’s Pig Out!!!!!  King Smokehouse home of all things porky (and a whole lot more) is having a secret sale!!  Yep.  Come down to the Smokehouse and find out what is on sale today (or what yapa you might take home).  Felix wants to introduce you to all his succulent goodies.  Not only is he the King of pork BUT he has the most amazing smoked turkey and chicken.  AND there is MORE! Italian sausage that will make you say Mama Mia!! Chicken sausage you will be clucking over and his signature breakfast sausage (normal or smoking hot) that makes you mouth sing.  Then there are all the other products that are great partners with his amazing meats:  Cheddar cheese (so melty and tasty), Mountain Home Gourmet mixes (what is better with sausage than a great biscuit from Aunt Betties Biscuit Mix)! Think Carolina Country Cornbread of yummy cookie mixes.  The list goes on.  The Tienda Gourmet is home to King Smokehouse and you will also find The Cuenca Shop (great liquors and a whole lot of great items).  Truly, your one stop gourmet shop!!!!!!!  Just across the street from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot.  Come on down. +593969047724

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