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      We are excited to announce our next idiomART Road Trip.  This time we will be traveling to Oña, which is in the southernmost part of the province of Azuay.  Oña is the very first Spanish settlement in Ecuador and has a very rich history.  We will start the day with a guided tour of the barrio San Francisco, which is the historic part of the village with various adobe buildings, many of which with walls painted with paint made from soil.  The tour will be guided by cultural heritage experts Lourdes Abad and Daniela Samaniego who will discuss the history as well as the traditional architecture and building techniques. We will also visit the historic La Bella de Paris, which is a home in the barrio that has been renovated and turned into a museum. Later, we will eat a traditional meal in a renovated adobe home in town.  Then we will finish off the day by learning how to make paint out of earth and we’ll have the chance to actually paint a wall in Oña!

      The Road Trip is Sunday, May 22.  We will meet at idiomART (the old location) and leave at 9:00 am.  The drive is around 2 hours long.  This is a day trip and we will be home in the late evening.  The cost is $60 per person and includes transportation, food, guided tours. Also, a portion of the money will go to the La Comuna Marcos Perez Nature Reserve, which is a group of people from Oña who own over 7,000 hectares of forest, which they are preserving.  There will be some walking in the village through the barrio San Francisco, which is on cobblestone streets.

      The trip is being co-organized with idiomART, local Co-op Centerline and idiomART’s CCC Spanish! Centerline works directly with the Nature Preserve and is dedicated to designing and implementing eco-tecnias, which are holistic and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of nature and humans.
      CCC Spanish is idiomART’s language program led by Martha and Fausto.

      The tour will be held in Spanish, however, there are bilingual people on the tour who can help clear up confusions if necessary.

      This trip is full of historic information, beautiful scenery and interesting sites to see.  Learn more about this incredible country we’ve decided to call home or visit.  We have limited space, so please contact me right away to reserve your spot!

      [email protected]

      See you soon!

      Sarah HB

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