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      idiomART is ready for our next road trip, this time we’re headed to Chobshi for the upcoming Inti Raymi celebration!

      Inti Raymi is an indigenous celebration honoring the sun and the Andean agricultural cycle. It is a very powerful and colorful ritual that takes place throughout the Andes of South America.

      According to historians, Chobshi is one of the oldest ruins of Ecuador, known as Chief Duma’s Fort. He was the a great warrior for the Cañari people

      We will take a nice walk to the ruins and the Cueva Negra, where many artifacts have been found that date back more than 10,000 years! Here is where we’ll celebrate Inti Raymi with dances, ceremonies and other cultural activities throughout the day.

      Activities such as:
      Guided tour of the ruins
      Ritual cleanses (optional)
      Arts and crafts (artesanía)
      Traditional Meal

      This is a day-long trip and will be very fun! We have limited space, so please contact us soon to make your reservations!

      [email protected]

      *As always, our road trips are in Spanish, however, there are always plenty of bilingual people around to help translate tricky spots if needed!

      Sunday, June 19; 8:00 am – early evening

      $60 (includes everything)

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