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      New member here so go easy on me 🙂

      I’m looking into my retirement options and Cuenca keeps coming up as an option to consider.

      But, I’m a little confused about the visa process. In particular, what do I need to get a retirement visa?

      Any suggestions for someone that can help answer my questions or get the visa for me would be great.

      Thanks in advance,

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      John Hardesty

      did you make it..  i hope so and while Cuenca is very beautiful   Mompichi is way kool  tena where I live in very nice.  jungly tho.  lots of English speakers in Cuenca too.  although I prefer Spanish as it forces me to learn it.

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      Kev O’Kane

      1) Copy of title page of yr. passport in color

      2) Orig. FBI background check – Apostilled (Less than 6 mos old)

      3) Orig. state police background check – Apostilled (Less than 6 mos old)

      4) copies of yr bank acct. stmts for 6 mos. showing the minimum of $400 per mo. coming into the acct.

      5) Passport photo w/ white background

      6) Lttr from Soc. Security, or other, showing that the money will continue coming to you monthly. Apostilled.

      You can find this info online but I received this list from an Ecuadorian Visa agent.

      Bless you, Rev. Kev

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