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      We know that learning another language can be difficult and even daunting at times.  CCC Spanish is different! We take the class out of the classroom and believe in the three C’s of learning a language: Conversation ~ Culture ~ Context.

      CCC Spanish’s teaching method focuses mainly on conversation combined with grammar, cultural activities, field trips, and topics related to day-to-day life. Classes will be held either in the garden or on the outdoor patio at idiomART where we invite you to make yourself at home, pour yourself a hot drink, and start learning Spanish!

      Our teachers, Martha Pulla and Fausto Balazero, are very experienced language teachers and have been teaching this method for many years.  They are both from Cuenca and will not only teach you Spanish but you’ll learn about the local culture as well!

      We offer group, pairs, or individual classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Spanish learners.

      Registration for the classes is open and we will start on November 8, right after the Fiestas de Cuenca.

      Each Wednesday, we will also offer special activities from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.  Fausto and Martha will be leading these activities, which are salsa dancing, cooking, and Spanish conversation groups.

      To register for classes and for additional information, please contact Sarah at: [email protected]

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